Son of Blues Legend Headline Annual Centennial Blues Festival

TJ Hooker-Taylor. son of Johnnie Taylor, will sing Father’s Famous Songs Nashville’s blues fans can rest easy knowing that the very popular Memorial Day Blues Festival in Centennial Park will continue its tradition of presenting top blues performers. This year TJ Hooker-Taylor will pay tribute to his famous father by performing the music from his songbook.

According to Hooker-Taylor, “my music comes from my daddy’s style– the late great Johnnie Taylor– R&B. southern soul, blues and gospel. I write and produce all of my music. and I am the youngest of the Taylor sons.” A music critic notes, “TJ is an accomplished writer. His CD” Your Babies Need A Daddy” , boasts Taylor’s finest compositions yet, rivaling if not surpassing his classic “Player Haters” from “The Total Package.”

The Blues Festival begins 10:00AM at the Band Shell in Centennial Park on West End Avenue. Free and open to the public.


Other performers include:

Tennessee State Guards presenting the Colors


Justin Peters, as head of Songs for the Planet he has either published or written songs that have been recorded by such artists as Jimmy Fortune, Bill Engvall, Twila Paris, Amy Grant, Steven Curtis Chapman, Gary Chapman, Billy Sprague, Michael James Murphy, Ann Downing, Kelly Nelon Thompson, Morgan Cryar and many others.


Verlan Brock– His single “The Price Of Freedom Just Went UP” is one of the best Patriotic and heart felt songs to come along in a long time. It tells the haunting stories of reality of the Vietnam war. Not only is it about Vietnam it is universal. Anyone who has ever had a son or daughter behind enemy lines will relate to this song and it will become a comfort to those who have loved and lost.


Star Wars Storm Trooper Character on Location @ Festival Nashville Blues Society Jam—members will jam with top blues songs

Tennessee Rhythm & Blues Society—its members will play many of the most memorable R&B songs

Carol Ann’s All Star Band– Carol Ann’s All Star Band is one of the leading bands in Nashville and deliver rousing music covering blues and R&B.

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