Texan, Max Stalling New Album To Be Released On Blind Nello Records

Recently, NMG  had the chance to catch up with Max Stalling at the Blue Moose Lodge on Washington Ave. The Blue Moose Lodge is known for having appearances from great Texas artists like Deryl Dodd and Jason Boland.  Stalling, one of the singer-songwriters in Texas that keeps the scene fresh, brings along his own cool vintage sound when he comes to the stage.  A sound that can’t  be easily describe without being heard and felt. It is no surprise that the “Stalling Sound” is hard to find in any other Texas artist, or duplicate.

Stalling’s latest album, Home to You, earned him a Best Album and Best Male Vocal nomination for the 2011 Lonestar Music Awards. It’s no surprise with catchysongs like “I Ain’t Drinking Alone” and “6×9 Speakers (Revisited).” Max keeps the crowd singing along and out on the sawdust.

Stalling said he is currently working on his next record, which will be release by his own label, Blind Nello Records. Stalling’s label name was derived from a term used in dominoes and spades basically meaning you have to lose every hand you’re dealt in order to win overall.

“At this point I feel like it was time to go for it, all or nothing,” said Max.

Stalling explained that he feels confident in what he is doing and it is time to put it out there. Blind Nello Records also features Mark David Manders and Kevin Deal. Max plays Texas pretty hard, averaging 90 percent of his shows in the Lone Star State.

For tour dates and more info on Max Stalling, be sure to check out his website at www.maxstalling.com.


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