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Boom Labs is an all inclusive music production studio designed to help artists refine their music and reach the world through live performances, recordings, and  television/film. Boom Labs is the creation of by Pino Squillace and Jerry Navarro, original members of The Muzik Mafia which was the backing ensemble for the artists’ collective that changed country music

Boom Labs recently held a showcase at 12th and Porter featuring some of the up-and-coming artists they have been working and networking with as well as some guest appearances by talented legends to the Nashville music scene. Hosted by Pino Squillace and Jerry Navarro, the show was filled with an array of spectacular artists. Boom Labs showcase and compilation release offered more than music; it was a theatrical performance that embraced the true vibes, emotions and story of Nashville’s extensive music scene.

The show featured Amanda Cornett, Ben Sturgell, Amanda Williams, Billy Swayze, Richie Owens, Peter Keys, Mindy McQ, Deville, Damien Horne, Colby Branson, Hailey Collier and Sara Beth. Many music studs from Music City showed up & even jumped on stage to play. There was also guest appearances by Kenny Olsen as well as Jon Nicholson and Shawn Lawson of El Camino.

The idea of bringing artists from all genres together to collaborate their talents created an exceptionally extravagant experience. Not knowing who was going to jump on stage and start jamming kept the audience hanging on every note and beat. The venue was filled with a sense of excited suspense that could only come from the amount of talent on one stage.

Of the numerous talented artists on stage during the Boom Labs showcase, there was one common link between them all, their voices combined captivated the audience and filled 12th and Porter with power house vocals, jamming beats, and serene melodies.

Nashville stands apart from other cities because of the diversity in music and people. Boom Labs showcase illustrated how Nashville is much more than a country town filled with fiddle and steel. It has a little bit of everything. We look forward to more shows to come from this great group of musicians, artists, and writers.

(Photos By: Harrison Baker)



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