The Chico and Bman Show: Not Just Another Variety Show

Chico- Gary Renales and Bman- Bryant Meltzer

If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s about time you tuned in. The Chico and Bman Show is taking Nashville’s music scene to a whole new level providing an exciting new platform for rising stars to share their talent and reach their fans.
From artists, bands, songwriters, musicians and more, The Chico and Bman show features some of Nashville’s most up and coming singers and songwriters including artists like Tamaray, Big Joe Mathews, Joel Shewmake and more. The show is produced and hosted by Chico- Gary Renales, and B-man- Bryant Meltzer. Unlike other shows in town, The Chico and Bman show goes beyond country, offering an outlet for songwriters and musicians of all types to share their talent.


“It’s been a wonderful experience to be a part of the show,” says Tamaray, a regular guest star of The Chico and Bman show. “Nashville is ready to discover and enjoy great music in a new way, and fans have been very receptive.”


While Chico and Bman keep viewers laughing, and talented artists and musicians continue to showcase what they’ve got, it’s no surprise the show is making its mark in Music City. With increasing viewers each week, The Chico and Bman show is rapidly gaining the attention of some serious country music fans and people in the music industry.



“At first I thought it was just another musical variety show,” says Nathan Watkins, a local Nashville producer. “But I’ve discovered some incredible talent on the show and I believe it’s a great way for new artists to gain exposure.”


The 30-minute variety show airs every Thursday at 10pm on Channel 19. For more information on how to become a guest performer on the show contact SoundHouse Nashville at SoundHouse Nashville offers recording, publishing, song plugging, radio promotion, television appearance and more. Visit their website for more information.


By: Anika Dartsch


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