The Struts in Nashville

Bringing a taste of the U.K. to Nashville The Struts started the show with a bang. Opening their last night on the Foo Fighters Concrete and Gold Tour, lead singer Luke Spiller had the arena to their feet with an incredibly energetic stage presence. The guys as a whole exuded inclusivity with fans in the nosebleeds feeling as if they were in arms reach of the stage. Bringing raw rock and roll to ears of all ages, new Struts fans were born that night.  Performing hits such as Could Have Been Me, Primadonna Like Me, and Put Your Hands Up, they surely made a lasting impression on Nashville. 

The genius that is The Struts, consisting of Luke Spiller(vocals), Adam Slack(guitar), Jed Elliott(bass) and Gethin Davies(drums), was born in Derby, England in 2012. They have since opened for rock and roll legends such as the Rollings Stones and Mötley Crüe including a long string of sold out dates.  With a refreshing yet nostalgic sound, The Struts are a must see performance that will leave you wanting more and reminiscing for years to come.





Photos & Review by Alexandra Arielle

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