Things You Should Consider Before Buying A Viola Case

Choosing a viola case is crucial in taking care of your instrument. It’s not just merely purchasing a case just so you have a cover for your viola. You have to focus more on the quality rather than its aesthetics. Looking for the ideal viola case requires a tremendous amount of assessment to make sure that you are choosing a case that can protect and maintain the quality of your instrument.

If you are to ask any musician on the best case to purchase, it’ll be pretty hard to get a simple answer as there are vast options available. But it all boils down to the following factors: your budget, the current environment you live, and your lifestyle. 

Here are some guide questions to help you choose the perfect viola case for your instrument:

1. What kind of viola case should I purchase?

Viola cases come in various sizes: oblong, shaped, and half-moon. Oblong and rectangular cases are ideal for musicians who need more storage spaces. While it can be heavy to carry around, you can put almost all your viola accessories in this case.

Shaped cases, on the other hand, is a current trend in the market. Unlike with oblong cases, this kind of case is lighter. While it can’t carry as much as the rectangular cases, it is ideal for violists who don’t prefer a large space for music sheets and other accessories. 

Lastly, half-moon cases are considered to be the middle ground between oblong and shaped cases as these are lighter than oblong cases but have more storage spaces compared to the shaped case.

2. What are the features of the best viola case?

Usually, cases these days already have bow spinners, hygrometers, pouches, straps, zippers, and

latches. Hygrometers help you to monitor the humidity in your case. But to further ensure that you’re getting the right measurement, you can have an in-case humidifier.

If you’re choosing whether to purchase a zippered or latched viola case, most would recommend

choosing latches as it has a lesser probability of getting stuck or broken. In choosing a carry strap,  

make sure that it has padding where most of the weight of the instrument and the case will be distributed.

3. Should I buy a branded viola case?

Ideally, a branded viola case should be the best option. Aside from the fact that its cases are made from quality materials, these brands also offer warranties and replacements compared to others. 

Nonetheless, it’s always advisable to do your research on which brand has been most recommended when it comes to their viola case. You’re fortunate that the internet has provided a platform where users share their experiences and reviews about the branded cases available in the market. 

4. Does weight matter in choosing a viola case?

It does matter as it involves the lifestyle you follow. If you travel often, lightweight viola cases should be ideal as it won’t hurt your physique to carry the instrument no matter how is the place. 

Meanwhile, if you have training at home or attending music school nearby, even heavy viola cases would not be so bad as it offers several spaces where you can place almost all materials and accessories you’ll be needing in playing the viola.

Overall, it is always important to choose a case that can protect your viola and will let you carry your instrument without the hassle. Also, keep your instrument on the proper storage and maintain the quality of your instrument by checking for any damage and cleaning it regularly.

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