Top Women in Country Music and How They Stack Up

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Music makes the world go ‘round and in 2020 that’s truer than ever.

While some of your favorite country acts may include Keith Urban and Blake Shelton, this one is for the girls, or rather women, in the country music scene. Country Music acts by Female artists slayed in 2019 and the numbers prove it. While the top earners may not surprise you, how well they stack up against other artists and other top earners might. So, kick back and settle in as we bring you the biggest female earners in country music.

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Top Female Country Artists

It may not come as any surprise to you that our list of top women consists of Dolly Parton, Carrie Underwood, Faith Hill, Miranda Lambert, and Shania Twain. What may surprise you is that Dolly Parton wasn’t the highest earner for 2019. Dolly earned between $15 million and $20 million, putting her in the same ranks as Carrie Underwood and Faith Hill. While Dolly was on top in 2017, the top spot goes to Shania Twain, who earned $29 million for 2019. Miranda Lambert earns the number two spot with $20 million earned.

While these women worked hard to get where they are, their music speaks for itself. All these women deserve a round of applause for getting where they are now. It takes a lot of hard work and 9-5s to get where they are. These phenomenal women have earned their spot on the list, but how do they stack up against top pop stars and other working women?

Top Women Female Pop Stars

Our list for women in music looks a lot different. At the top, Taylor Swift earned a whopping $185 million for 2019. While she was once a country music star, she traded in her boots for a pair of stilettos and hit the pop music scene with a bang, and she’s still going strong.

Beyoncé is at the number two spot with $81 million earned for 2019, followed by Rihanna at $62 million, Katy Perry at $57.5 million, and Pink at $57 million.

While country music top earners haven’t made quite the same as the pop stars, they still stack up pretty well. After, all who runs the world? Girls! And we’re all definitely cheering for them. But what about other top earners?

Other Top Women Earners

Women in any industry work hard. The next person on our list is no different.

Maria Konnikova, a top earner, may not be a name that you recognize, but this woman rules in a male-dominated field and wrote the book on strategy. With over six figures earned in 2019, she may not have the income of a music star, but she’s definitely a woman of note and has earned her place on this list.

Others that may not be on your radar are makeup artist and beauty blogger, Huda Kattan at $610 million, Katrina Lake at $380 million as CEO of Stitch Fix, Whitney Wolfe Herd at $290 million – Founder of Bumble, and Serena Williams at $225 million – tennis athlete and founder of Serena Ventures. While most of these numbers focus on net worth rather than money earned in 2019, these women still compare to our country music stars. When it comes to top women earners, they are all amazing no matter what their industry is.

Women in any industry work hard and take risks to get where they are. The women in country music are our personal favorites because they connect us with music we love. The same goes for our top pop stars. Without these women, our lives would be drabber and less lively.

All in all, women are working hard to change the world we live in, be it in the beauty industry or with apps that make life easier. Either way, raise your glass to these amazing pioneers and celebrate the hard-working women in your life.

Article Courtesy of Andrea Smith

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