Traditional Country Music Artist Jay Michaels Releases New Single “Hitting Close To Home” From His Album “The Better Side of Me”

This new album is definitely hitting close to home when it comes to traditional country music. Raised on the music of greats such as Kitty Wells, Dottie West, and Conway Twitty, Jay Michaels is bringing back the roots of where it all started.

Born and raised in Oakland City, Indiana…Jay is one of a select few who still hold true the values and old school love of where country music began. He said that today’s country music isn’t like it was back in the day of Loretta and Dottie, when they first began their careers. The music then was a testament to what they truly lived, it had roots, it had life, it was the real deal.

The first time Jay appeared on stage he was 17 and it was then that he knew the stage is where he should be. It was in his blood. By the time he reached 21 he began to really push himself and develop the sound he would later be recording today.

Today’s country music is a tailgate party, it really doesn’t have a story to tell, not the way it was back in the day. Michaels dream is to help bring back those stories and he feels that even though there are many new categories of what we call country music today…he feels there is room for all of them. His motto for living and doing what he loves is “Saving Traditional Country One Song At A Time.” I think that’s a great motto to have.

Speaking of a story. Jay Michaels has his own story to tell and who know’s, maybe soon it will be in his next single. In March of this year Micheals and his wife traveled to Mexico, as they have done many times before for vacation. While his lovely wife rested in their hotel room he decided to take a walk and visit a small local karaoke club. Little did he know that he would soon find himself near death. He woke up with doctors and family around him after finding out that he had been drugged, beaten, robbed and left for dead. All the while his song was hitting at #28 on Indie World Country Report Charts. Sounds like a true country song….doesn’t it?

His hope for his music is that when the fans hear it they can say “Hey that song describes me” and that they can really relate to it, that it will grab them and inspire them in some positive way.

“My music is life. People always tell me that when I am singing it is like I am living the song.  I tell them, I have lived most of the songs.  That is what country music is.” ~Jay Michaels~

Inspired by the legends like Farrin Young, Donna Fargo, Connie Smith, and so many more, he has put his heart and soul in to his music. Here is just a snippet of “Hitting Close To Home” for your pleasure.

After the fantastic release party in Nashville on Friday June 30th, and a huge response from fans, family, and friends his newest album is ready to hit the radio airwaves. You can find Jays music on Iheart Radio, Itunes, CdBaby and so many more locations. Also recently released to radio stations across the country is his single “This Ain’t Indiana”…so be listening and make your requests to local radio stations to hear it.

Michaels will be doing several local fairs and festivals around the country and private shows while continuing his writing and working on new music in Nashville.

“Hitting Close To Home” was produced by Barry Wayne & LaDonna Brewer-Capps at Tone Slinger Studios in Nashville TN. The video was produced at ProDuctions PR LLC by Pam Egbert and released on Summer Sky Music Label.

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