Twin Sister Duo, Jaye Madison’s New Single “Down” Pays Homage to Their Roots

"Down" is Now Streaming Worldwide

Having grown up surrounded by the diverse music of Southeast Texas, twin sisters Jordan and Madison Skinner drew upon their southern influences to create their own unique brand of Americana through their duo Jaye Madison in 2017. Blues, rock, country, and folk all contribute to their contemporary soulful sound. 

Their latest single “Down” was released this year and has gained international airplay and has surpassed 50k streams on Spotify. 

“Down” really takes home all the aspects of their southern influences from music to up-bringing.

“We wrote “Down” to pay homage to where we come from,” said Jaye Madison. “It’s fun, upbeat, and we wanted to make people feel like they are eating gumbo on their grandma’s porch in the summer.”

Born one minute apart, Jordan and Madison Skinner don’t know life without each other. It seems as if the twins were meant to be halves of a whole, their seemingly opposite looks and personalities combining to form a united front.

“We love working together, and as twins, don’t know life without each other,” said Jaye Madison. “Jordan is naturally more extroverted, and Madison is naturally introverted. Our personalities don’t clash most of the time, and we make up for each other’s weaknesses. We are the dream team!”

By their high-school graduation, they knew that their true passion was in writing and performing their own music so they sought to grow their artistry by auditioning for Belmont University’s Commercial Music program. After being accepted, they excitedly headed to Nashville twelve hours away from home to learn and grow in Music City.

Jaye Madison is now focused on writing originals and performing live around Nashville, Tennessee. Above is an original they performed at Nashville’s Belcourt Taps writers night.

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