When Everything Means Nothing to Me: A Novel of Underground Nashville

Now Available in Paperback – The Acclaimed Novel of “Underground Nashville” that Takes Readers on a Dark, Mysterious Journey through Love and Loss in the Bars, Streets, and Alleyways of Music City

‘Everything Means Nothing to Me’ blends edgy, passionate romance with the tragic tale of a female singer/songwriter’s yearning to be heard
When Everything Means Nothing to Me: A Novel of Underground Nashville was first published in hardcover, Nashville-based Dishmag.com hailed it as “SPELLBINDING . . . I could not put it down until I’d read the entire novel in one sitting.”
And Roy E. Perry of The Tennessean called it “BEAUTIFUL, POWERFUL . . . underground Nashville has formed the backdrop of a haunting novel.”
Now available for the first time in paperback, Everything Means Nothing to Me is the unforgettable story of a half-mad writer’s obsessive love with a mysterious female singer-songwriter.
“This is an edgy, shadowy love story set in Nashville… the tale of a half-mad, alcoholic writer’s impassioned love for the woman singer/songwriter he sees perform one night at one of our city’s most famous clubs,” said the author, David M. (“Dave”) Carew.
As the lead character—John Werrick—pursues singer/songwriter, Eva Downing, very strange, mysterious things about Eva start to come to light. Werrick burns to answer the dark, ominous questions surrounding his obsessive love:

  • Why does Eva so passionately yearn to perform—then make sure few
    know about it?
  • Why does she go through a strange, dark ritual before performing?
  • What is the explosive secret she is hiding?
“These are mysteries Werrick—and the reader—unravel together,” Carew said. “And as Werrick unlocks the secrets—piece by piece—we come along with him on a dark, enshrouded journey through passionate romantic love . . . to a place that, for Werrick and Eva, will hold grave danger.”
Set in the shadowy urban environment of Music Row and downtown Nashville bars, clubs, and brothels, Everything Means Nothing to Me also offers a harsh, unorthodox tale of male brotherhood, friendship, and mentoring, as Werrick—bar after bar, night after drunken night—tells his and Eva’s unforgettable tale to the young Vanderbilt University student whom he meets at a boardinghouse and takes under his wing.

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