Shane Yellowbird To Release in USA


In just a few short years, Shane Yellowbird, who is a Cree Indian, has gone from quietly pursuing a Fine Arts degree at college to one of Canadian country music’s brightest country stars.

On a recent trip a flight attendant recognized Yellowbird from his music videos and announced to her fellow passengers a celebrity was onboard. Though uncomfortable with the attention, the shy Yellowbird obliged his fans with autographs.

It’s been like that since the release of his debut album in Canada, “Life is Calling My Name”… creating quite a stir! He has hot selling records, five Top 10 Canadian radio and videos hits, and a number of major awards and nominations, including the coveted CCMA award for “Rising Star of the Year,” the “Best Country Recording” award at the Native American Music Awards (for North America), and the “Aboriginal Entertainer of the Year” award at the Aboriginal People’s Choice Awards (for North America).

Shane Yellowbird

In November 2009 Yellowbird released his sophomore album, “It’s About Time”, and made his first appearance on the hallowed stage of the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville. The performance also marked Yellowbird’s entrance to the US market, with plans to release his music and videos in America in 2011.

“I look forward to sharing my music with listeners south of the Canadian border,” commented Yellowbird. “I have lots of fan’s there and it’s time I get out and see them.”

Growing up on an Indian reservation in Hobbema, Canada, Yellowbird was a typical cowboy. His parents participated in the rodeo circuit and their son learned early on to rope and ride, fully embracing the cowboy lifestyle and accepting that it would one day be his future.

A strange twist of circumstances, however, put Yellowbird on the country music path. Born with a severe stuttering problem, he began seeing a speech therapist who suggested that he sing his sentences to help him speak clearly. The technique proved successful. So successful, in fact, that Yellowbird began entering and winning several singing contests. The life of this cowboy quickly turned away from roping and riding and moved toward that of another dream, being a successful country music artist.

Yellowbird is proud of his country roots and still breaks horses and competes in calf-roping whenever he can. But given the exceptional fan response to his music, his future seems destined to deliver more outstanding country music on both sides of the border.

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