YNG Zuck To Debut Highly Anticipated “Expensive Taste” Album At Inaugural NFTYS Award Show

The NFTYS, an awards gala celebrating the most innovative and creative minds in the NFT and Web3 space, is set to make its global debut on June 14, 2023. E! Co-Founder Larry Namer recently announced a groundbreaking partnership with breakout urban pop sensation, YNG Zuck, for an exclusive music NFT drop, virtual performance, and more. The partnership will see selections from YNG Zuck’s highly anticipated forthcoming album, “Expensive Taste,” make their debut as a unique NFT release during the star-studded event.

According to Namer, YNG Zuck will be introducing several original songs during the NFTYS gala, which will be instantly minted and offered to the audience as highly collectible NFTs. This innovative approach to album releases, combined with the excitement of the awards ceremony, is expected to make the evening a memorable occasion.

The opportunity to help global audiences discover exceptional new talent like YNG Zuck and experiment with new artist and fan-centic business models through the platform of the NFTY Annual Awards Gala is one of the key outcomes we envisioned. We are excited to have this collaboration for our 2023 broadcast!” Chris J. Snook, Visionary Creator and Co-Executive Producer of the NFTYS, tells us.

The “Expensive Taste” album NFT drop will not only offer fans exclusive access to the artist’s latest music but will also provide live ticket holders with a unique opportunity to participate in a virtual mosh pit and receive a special airdrop. With a very limited number of NFTs available, each featuring exclusive content and experiences, the upcoming release is already in high demand.

Together, onstage with a live band and an internationally touring DJ, Jordan Miller, YNG Zuck will showcase an energetic medley of tracks from his upcoming full-length album, Expensive Taste.

YNG Zuck has rapidly become a major player in the Hollywood music scene, fueled by a distinctive sound that seamlessly blends catchy hooks with thought-provoking lyrics exploring themes of love, loss, and the digital age. His partnership with The NFTYS marks a significant milestone for the artist, who has long been a proponent of blockchain technology and its potential to revolutionize the music industry.

The NFTYS, which aims to recognize and reward outstanding achievements in decentralized finance, gaming, art, and entertainment, has asnokllready garnered significant attention from industry insiders, major artists, and fans alike. With the debut of the awards gala and YNG Zuck’s partnership with the event, The NFTYS is set to offer a new era of music and entertainment experiences.

Tickets for The NFTYS are currently available for purchase, with prices ranging from $27.39 for General Admission to $6507.50 for In-Studio ULTRA VIP. Fans are encouraged to follow YNG Zuck and The NFTYS on social media for updates on the “Expensive Taste” NFT drop, as well as news and announcements related to the event. Follow The NFTYS on Twitter at @TheNFTYS and YNG Zuck on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube at @YNGZuck to stay informed.

Photo Credits: Zachary Jaydon

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