19 Artists to Watch in 2019


Big Loud artist HARDY grew up on classic rock in Philadelphia, Miss., a town of about 7,500 in the country setting of Neshoba County. So when fans hear the music on his four-song EP for the label, This Ole Boy, they’re getting the real deal. The songs are bold and proud, the voice is commanding and the lyrics are centered on farms, in the backwoods and mostly in America’s heartland.

With This Ole Boy, HARDY provides a solid opening salvo to establish himself as an artist, honed in on the sounds and stories at the core of his Southern heritage. But it’s just a starting point, a place to launch an artist whose combination of country imagery, Southern rock sounds and blue-collar vocals is intrinsically relatable.


EP: Where to Find Me (2019)

Facebook: 1.2k | Twitter: 1k| Instagram: 7.8k | Spotify: 137.6k| YouTube: 1k

Label: Big Loud

For more information: www.hardyofficial.com

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