22 Artists to Watch in 2022

In today’s music world there are so many ways to be discovered and the number of new artists that are coming on to the scene grow by the day. The model of success that goes into the career of an artist and making it into a sector of the industry is no longer a one path plan that leads to notoriety. Artists are discovered in so many new ways and our artists to watch list is curated based on numerous achievements, numbers, and more that each artist has brought to the table. Our 2022 Artists to Watch come from numerous backgrounds but all have one thing in common, they are slated for big things.

22. Cooper Alan

Photo Credit: Jared Olson

Cooper Alan first came started getting notoriety on the scene when his song “New Normal” went viral on TikTok racking up millions views. Like other artists, Cooper found away to use the social media platform as a means to share is creativity and connect with fans. But his career started way before the idea of TikTok was even thought of. Cooper had been playing shows as an independent act for ten years at bars, college parties and any venue that would have him.

The independent artist hailing from North Carolina came to Nashville after graduating college at UNC-Chapel Hill and hit the ground running.  As an artist that was launching a career during a pandemic when live shows were not happening, TIkTok was the ideal platform to continue to share his music.

With his deep voice, Cooper Alan trades in thoughtful, modern country music that nods to the genre’s ‘90s radio heyday and plumbs the depths of emotion.

Alan, along with Alexandra Kay and Thomas Mac, recently wrapped the third leg of their In Real Life Tour, playing to some of their biggest crowds yet. When he is off the road, you can find him playing in and around Nashville writing songs with incredible co-writers like Rivers Rutherford, Gary Burr, Seth Mosley, Leslie Satcher, Will Robinson, Kent Blazy, James Dean Hicks, Lee Thomas Miller, and of course, Victoria Shaw.

Cooper’s most recent release “Can’t Dance” is an upbeat song poking fun at his dance moves and is available on all platforms.

Label: Cooped Up Records

Hot Release: “Can’t Dance”

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More Info: www.cooperalanmusic.com | www.tiktok.com/@cooperalan1 | www.instagram.com/cooperalanmusic

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