Nashville Music Guide’s Artists to Watch 2024

Music today can be discovered in numerous ways, and the number of new artists continues to grow by the day, as does the model of success that leads to notoriety. With the advent of digital platforms, social media, and streaming services, artists have unprecedented avenues to broadcast their talents and reach audiences worldwide.

Our Artists to Watch list for 2024 is curated with meticulous attention to the myriad successes, numbers, and unique accomplishments each artist has achieved. These emerging talents have not only captivated listeners with their musical prowess but have also harnessed the power of modern technology to amplify their reach and influence within the industry.

Whether it’s through viral hits on TikTok, strategic collaborations with established acts, or record-breaking streams on Spotify, the artists on our list have each carved their own path to the forefront of the music scene. They come from a tapestry of different cultures and genres, reflecting the rich diversity of contemporary music.

What binds these rising stars together is their momentum. Each artist on our list has demonstrated an ability to resonate with listeners, build a dedicated fanbase, and generate buzz within the music community. From indie singer-songwriters to genre-defying artists, our 2024 Artists to Watch are poised to become the next big thing in music. Keep an ear to the ground – these artists are set to make waves in the industry and redefine what it means to be successful in the ever-evolving landscape of music.

This years artists include: MaRynn Taylor, Colin Stough, Graham Barham, Tigirlily Gold, Zach Top, Ryan Larkins, Mae Estes, Lauren Watkins, Joss Ross, Jessie Murph, The Castellows, Emily Ann Roberts, George Birge, HunterGirl, Dylan Gossett, Anne Wilson, Dylan Marlowe, Matt Schuster, Wyatt Flores, and Ella Langley.

Artists to Watch #20

Recognized as one of CMT‘s “Next Women of Country in 2023,” MaRynn Taylor stands as an eminent symbol of her generation with an impressive 18 million cumulative streams and 12 Telly Awards to her name. “It is my aspiration that audiences will hear my narrative and see reflections of their own experiences within it,” MaRynn articulates.

As one of the most rapidly ascending vocal talents in country music and labeled an artist to keep an eye on for 2024, MaRynn made an impactful debut at the Grand Ole Opry on June 23, 2023. Her swift subsequent return to this esteemed platform for a second performance underscores her burgeoning recognition. Her latest musical offering, the charmingly nuanced “Make You Mine (Acoustic),” presents a pared-down rendition of her radio single, which secured Taylor the first Top 50 position in her career on Country radio. The acoustic composition, penned by Taylor of Black River Publishing, the esteemed GRAMMY-recipient Josh Kerr, and Dan Wilson, with Kerr at the helm of production, achieved positions within the Top 50 on Mediabase Country and Top 60 on Billboard Country Airplay charts as of October 2, 2023. Garnering upwards of two million streams for this single, Taylor’s trajectory in the music industry is on an impressive ascent.

In her role as the Alzheimer’s Association Celebrity Champion, Taylor has deepened her association with the charitable foundation, performing at both the 2023 Walk to End Alzheimer’s and the Dance Party to End ALZ in 2023. Prompted by a profound personal connection, she released her most poignant song to date, “i love you, remember,” a tribute to her grandparents, vowing to contribute a portion of the proceeds to this significant cause. Notably, Taylor graced the field of Buffalo’s Highmark Stadium on October 15 for her second national anthem performance within the NFL for the year, in addition to featuring in the halftime show during the Sunday Night Football game between the Buffalo Bills and New York Giants, broadcast on NBC. She further cemented her presence by singing the national anthems at the Buffalo Sabres game on October 17, marking a remarkable three professional sports performances in less than two days.

In Taylor’s lively song “Shakin’ In My Boots,” she encapsulates the ineffable emotion of love and the attendant euphoria it evokes. This track, resulting from a collaborative effort between MaRynn, Ava Suppelsa, and Wilson, with Kerr’s production expertise, is available through the Country Star app, downloadable HERE.

“As an artist and human being, I want my music to inspire and be relatable,” says MaRynn. “Growing up with idols like Carrie and Taylor, I could relate to them. It was as if I could feel their heartaches in the music and as if the stories in their songs reflected mine. Today, that’s what I want to give to my fans.”

With the anticipation of connecting with her audience on a personal level, MaRynn Taylor looks forward to touring and sharing music that holds deep significance to her, while also being a receptive ear to the stories of her fans. “I genuinely care about people and their feelings. I’m a good listener and I want to be there for people. There’s not enough of that in the world right now.” Today, MaRynn Taylor has transcended the dreams of her youth on the front porch to become the voice that aspires to influence a generation.

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