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Artists to Watch #17

The ascent of the sister duo Tigirlily Gold is nothing short of a country music fairy tale. Since they took their first steps, Kendra and Krista have been inseparable on their musical journey. Their childhood saw them traversing the mid-west, where they captivated countless fans with their performances, creating a buzz that would often lead to sold-out shows in the wide-open amphitheaters of their native North Dakota.

The move to Nashville marked a significant turning point in their career. Here, they managed to secure a weekly residency at Dierks Bentley’s Whiskey Row, amidst the neon glow of Nashville’s lower Broadway. Performing relentless four-hour sets several nights a week, the sisters honed their craft and carved out a performance style that was not only engaging and full of vitality but also a testament to the entertainment running through their veins.

Their commitment to their music and performance soon paid off when their original song “Somebody Does” soared to the top of the iTunes charts in 2021. This milestone was pivotal, leading to Tigirlily Gold signing with Monument Records and the subsequent release of their self-titled, debut EP. Crafted with the expertise of multi-Grammy Award Winner Shane McAnally, this release catapulted them onto the road, opening shows for household names like Walker Hayes and Ashley McBryde.

Following this trajectory, Tigirlily Gold unveiled their EP Blonde, a body of work infused with personal narratives, brimming with emotive accounts of love and loss, along with rousing anthems that embody female strength and empowerment. Their infectious single “Shoot Tequila” clinched a Top 40 spot, exploding across social media platforms and streaming services, tallying millions of views and streams.

January 2024 heralded their moving new single, “I Tried A Ring On”. This track, written by Kendra and Krista themselves, in collaboration with Pete Good and Josh Jenkins, and produced by Pete Good, was born out of genuine heartbreak. It’s a composition that is bound to strike a chord with listeners who’ve navigated the turbulent waters of love and its often illusory beginnings. It’s a song that underscores Tigirlily Gold’s narrative dexterity and their remarkable gift for resonant songwriting.

Having graced the revered stage of the Grand Ole Opry and performed to a national audience on the “TODAY Show,” Tigirlily Gold is at the precipice of bringing a dynamic girl group energy to the country music scene. Their story, from child prodigies crisscrossing the Midwest to country phenomena, reflects a passion and a commitment to their art that has come to define their rising legacy in the country music genre. With their foot on the pedal, Tigirlily Gold continues to create music that speaks to the soul, redefining what it means to be a female act in the modern country landscape.

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