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Josh Ross, the emerging country music artist, has inaugurated the year 2024 by releasing two new tracks, “Single Again” and “Truck Girl.” These songs are imbued with Ross’s distinctive personal experiences, which are artfully transformed into universally relatable lyrics. Both tracks have been produced by Matt Geroux, a frequent collaborator who has lent his production talents to Ross’s earlier works such as “Trouble,” “Red Flags,” “First Taste of Gone,” and “On A Different Night.”

These recent releases provide insight into Ross’s evolving musical direction, and the artist himself is fervently anticipating the opportunity to forge deeper connections with his audience through his live performances and recorded works.

Having been acknowledged as MusicRow’s Next Big Thing artists for 2024, Ross is poised to commence his very first headline tour in Canada, dubbed THE TROUBLE TOUR. The tour’s inception follows Ross’s successful stint with Bailey Zimmerman as a special guest last year.

Josh Ross’s music embodies classic country themes with a fusion of pop-rock nuances, showcasing his individual take on love, labour, and leisure, all of which are narrated through his vivid life experiences. His journey has been marked with significant moments such as relocating to Nashville on the eve of a tornado and quickly departing due to the onset of a global pandemic. Ross has persistently navigated the tumultuous path of his career, facing the challenges of injuries, lockdowns, and personal conflicts along the way.

The seeds of his musical journey were planted during his childhood in the suburbs of Burlington, Ontario, where the strains of Guns N Roses and Bruce Springsteen would fill his home. This early exposure to music, coupled with his own notebook scribblings he later recognized as early poems and lyrics, shaped his artistic foundation.

His tenure at Western University in Ontario saw him battling football-induced injuries and enduring the subsequent isolation, which inadvertently granted him the space to delve into music more deeply. The quest for making music transitioned from a pastime to a vocation during this period.

Propelled by the same ambition that dominated his sporting days, Ross connected with other songwriters and musicians, eventually making the pivotal move to Nashville. This choice signified his commitment to pursuing a career in the music industry over more conventional employment paths post-university.

Since 2019, Ross has devoted himself to forging a distinct musical identity as an artist, incorporating elements of traditional country, soft rock, and shades of 1980s pop-rock. His career progressed further with his major-label signing to Universal Music Canada and The Core Entertainment, including partnership with Universal Music Group Nashville cementing his position as the second artist under their collaborative venture.

Ross has since made a notable impact with songs amassing more than 179 million global streams. His major-label debut, “On A Different Night,” achieved Platinum status with over 28.2 million streams, while “First Taste of Gone” resonated widely, featuring in the Top 5 Canadian Country Radio Charts. Such acclaim was mirrored by Ross’s presence on major streaming platforms’ playlists and charts within both the United States and Canada, and his recognition at award ceremonies like the Canadian Country Music Awards, where he was nominated and won awards.

2023 was highlighted by the debut of his U.S. radio single, “Trouble,” his performance at the Grand Ole Opry, and the receipt of the CCMA ‘Breakthrough Artist of the Year’ award. As his worldwide streams eclipsed 266 million, Ross solidified his status in the country music domain across North America.

Looking ahead, Ross’s tour schedule reflects a remarkable line-up of appearances alongside industry heavyweights, further underlining his ascent in the country music sphere. including continued support on Zimmerman’s RELIGIOUSLY. THE TOUR. and also grace the stage at prominent music festivals, including Stagecoach. Additionally, Ross is scheduled to be featured in the “Amazon Music Presents: Country Heat” at the Country Radio Seminar (CRS) 2024 alongside Lady A, Chayce Beckham, Ella Langley, and Dylan Marlowe.

Label: The Core Entertainment / Universal Music Canada/ Universal Music Group Nashville
Hometown: Burlington, Ontario, Canada
Current City: Nashville, Tennessee
Hot Release (s):Single Again“; “Truck Girl”; “Trouble”
Musical Influences: Steve Earle, Jason Aldean, Thomas Rhett, Tim McGraw, Alan Jackson, George Strait
 If You Like: Morgan Wallen, Bailey Zimmerman, Tyler Hubbard
KEEP UP WITH JOSH ROSS: Instagram/TikTok: @JoshRossMusic

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