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Artists to Watch #5

Anne Wilson, a name rapidly becoming synonymous with the compelling fusion of Country and Christian music, isn’t merely contributing to the genres; she’s reshaping their boundaries. Her upcoming album, REBEL, set to drop on April 19, is proof of her audacious artistic vision. It’s a collection where heartfelt Christian sentiments and the raw authenticity of Country music are woven together through the threads of 16 meticulously crafted songs, with Wilson’s pen gracing each one.

The album, which emerged from a collaborative effort with seasoned songwriters and the skilled production duo Jeff Pardo and Jonathan Smith, is more than just tracks laid onto a record—it’s a narrative of Wilson’s artistic and spiritual journey, one that she invites listeners to join. Her latest single, “God & Country,” is a microcosm of her larger project. Here, Wilson reunites with Pardo, alongside Matthew West and Trannie Anderson, to pen an anthem that echoes with the roots of her native Kentucky and the soul of her faith. The song paints a picture of life’s simplicity and profundity, cradled between the comforting arms of tradition and the transcendent hopes of eternity.

“Rain In The Rearview,” her current chart-climbing Country radio single, brings forth another facet of her evolving narrative. Wilson collaborated with creative powerhouses Matthew West, Jaren Johnston, and Zach Kale to produce a track that’s as transformative as its music video, which made its grand debut on CMT, CMT Music, and The music video’s premiere shines even brighter with the backdrop of the iconic Paramount Times Square billboards and marks a celebratory milestone to her being inducted into the Class of 2024 CMT Next Women of Country.

Beyond the airwaves, Spotify’s endorsement as one of their Hot Country Artists to Watch 2024, along with numerous recognitions from Music Mayhem, Pandora, and more, Wilson’s impact on music fans is indisputable. She isn’t stopping at digital accolades; her compelling live performances are bringing the energy of her new music to audiences nationwide. As Scotty McCreery’s supportive act on the Cab In A Solo Tour and as a highlight in up-and-coming festivals, Wilson is set to grace stages across genres and gather fans from every corner of the musical spectrum.

Anne Wilson’s journey into the music industry is an inspiring tale of triumph, resilience, and divine serendipity. Since her first public performance, a poignant tribute at her brother’s funeral that captured hearts beyond the confines of that church, her trajectory has been unstoppable. The sensation that began with “My Jesus,” her debut single that not only achieved PLATINUM status but also soared to the apex of Billboard‘s Christian Airplay chart, has led to a burgeoning career adorned with over 880 million global streams, a GRAMMY nomination, and hundreds of live performances, including an unforgettable debut at the Grand Ole Opry.

As Wilson prepares to share REBEL with the world, the reverence for her craft and her message grows stronger. She stands as one of Nashville’s brightest stars—a “rebel” in every positive sense of the word—charting her own course and reshaping what it means to be a trailblazer in the modern music landscape.

Label: Capitol Christian Music Group / UMG Nashville
Hometown: Lexington, KY
Current City: Nashville, Tennessee
Hot Release (s): “God & Country”; “Rain in the Rearview”; “Strong”
Musical Influences:  Steffany Gretzinger, Morgan Wallen, Janis Joplin, Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton
If You Like: Scotty McCreery, Casting Crowns, Martina McBride
KEEP UP WITH ANNE WILSON: Socials: @AnneWilsonMusic

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