22 Artists to Watch in 2022

12. Chase Matthew

Social Media sensation and Holler Boy Records Flagship artist, Chase Matthew has gone from ATV Mechanic to a viral artist in just a few years. A Nashville native, Matthew now 23, auditioned for the Nashville School of the Arts in eighth grade and while he was not good enough, his father told him not to listen and that he was “born for this” … Which comes full circle now as the title for his recently released project, Born For This and his cult fan following would definitely agree with his dad.

Matthew has a legion of fans with the numbers ever-rising. He currently has over 300k TikTok followers, +100k on Facebook and Instagram and nearly a million monthly listeners on Spotify. His single of his first project “Country Line” has had 22million streams to date.

Matthew kicked off his Born for This Tour this January with dates including Flint, MI; Columbus, OH; and Nashville, TN. He has also been featured on Spotify’s New Music Nashville playlist.

Label: Holler Boy Records

Hot Release: “Country Line” & “Born for This”

If you like: HARDY, Travis Denning, Hosier

More Info: www.iamchasematthew.com | www.instagram.com/iamchasematthew | www.tiktok.com/@iamchasematthew

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