“A Scandal In The Violets” by Michael Leonard Whitham

Michael Leonard Witham courtesy of Independent Music Promotions.
Michael Leonard Witham courtesy of Independent Music Promotions.

Musically compared to Bob Dylan and vocally compared to John Prine, this young man is extremely unique in his sound and his vocals.There can be no two like him.

His mesmerizing journey into the music industry began when he found an old Yamaha acoustic guitar, slightly damaged and worn inside a dumpster. It had no strings but with tender love and care he brought it back to life, so began his songwriting career.

He taught himself to play after watching Youtube video’s and as he became more familiar with the guitar it was destiny that the inspirational lyrics and melodies began to pour forth.

Chosen in 2011 to appear at a local Musicians Showcase at an annual music event in Arkansas, Michael was the only solo artist to be chosen out of over 200 bands.

Recommended for your listening pleasure is:

“Oh the Evil!”

His unique and diverse form of folk and rock music grasped the attention of many and he is now on his way to making a solid career.

You can enjoy these links via Soundcloud and Bandcamp:



Between 2011 and 2013 he performed in various local venues in his hometown of Little Rock, Arkansas and is now promoting his debut album “A Scandal In The Violets”. The stories jump out at you from the lyrics of the songs and the music draws you in.

Michael Leonard Witham courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
Michael Leonard Witham courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

You can also enjoy this video of “John’s Old Lady: at Vimeo:


Members of this richly inspiring band are Michael Leonard Witham – Vocals, Guitars, Keys, Jesse Aycock – Steel Guitar, Drums, Harmony, Greg Spradlin – Guitars, and Josh Spillyards – Drums.

Production on the album is with Fellowship Hall Sound, Jason Weinheimer.

For more information on the amazing young man and his journey to discovery in the music industry please visit:

www.michaelleonardwitham.com https://www.facebook.com/pages/Michael-Leonard-Witham/188027437892643?ref=hl

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