Latimer House and “Birdcage Walk”

Latimer House and "Birdcage" courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
Latimer House and “Birdcage” courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

When a musician thinks out of the box the results are usually so unique the listeners are in complete awe. Looks like we have a winner.

English Pop with freshness is a sure fire description of “Birdcage Walk/Until Then”, the single from the new album “Birdcage Walk” by Latimer House.

The single “Splash” is also unique and vibrate with guitar and deep thumping bass movements. It’s a taste of American Pop artist Bob Dylan and a dash of Tom Petty. It has that easy rock but a mix of pop.

To enjoy “Splash” please visit:

Easy rock, classic 1960’s to 70’s, low funk, jazz, blended with alternative sounds of experimental pop rock, and a splash of New Wave can all be found here in this album.

At times it is wild and exotic with an almost reggae sound in the mix. Very eclectic and open. Love the rhythmic melodies and movement of “This Is Pop”. The song makes you want to move from the first note.

Latimer House is a Indie Pop/Alternative band from Prague who are spreading their wings around the world with this new mix of music to tantalize your taste buds. Joe Cook, Anar Yuufov, Jiri (George) Kominek, and Michael Jetton make up Latimer House and released their new album “Birdcage” digital version in the UK on July 7th, 2014, Red Vinyl on August 11th, 2014.

Prague is the home adopted by the band who’s members have come from various regions to form this diverse and fast moving ensemble. From Virginia to Toronto, London to Baku, these four talented artists are moving some amazing music.

Joe Cook of Latimer House courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
Joe Cook of Latimer House courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

You can enjoy this album in it’s entirety at:

The next full length is due to be released in 2015. All four members of the band have worked with various groups over the years but coming together to produce this album was a fantastic move on their part. The blending and melding of their combined talents may just have created a solid gold.

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