Billy Roberts and The Rough Riders release “The Last of the Originals”

Billy Roberts and The Rough Riders courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
Billy Roberts and The Rough Riders courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

The Rough Riders will not only take you on a tour of the range but they will knock your socks off. This album, released in August of this year is already moving up the charts quickly.

If your riding on the supercharged open range this is the band for you. Billy Roberts and the Rough Riders remind me of a young Clay McClinton, son of iconic American rock a billy artist, Delbert McClinton. Roberts and the Rough Riders take you back into history on a journey of rockabilly, country, and folk music. This is definitely an original twist on an old concept.

Billy Roberts and the Rough Riders give a cool, edgy approach to country rock with an occasional blues twang. If you’re a fan of the old favorites like Hank Williams Jr, or if your a fan of the infamous Neil Young you’re sure to find something you like on this EP.

Recommended tracks are “Not That Special”, and “No More Mr. Nice Guy”. Both are bluesy and edgy with a twist of twang.

You can stream the full album live here at:

Billy Roberts was born and raised in Moree, Australia. He’s take on the music he wanted to perform was not widely accepted and there were not very many artists who played his style of music. He wasn’t worried or concerned about keeping up with the normal flow of the industry. He wanted to make his own brand, his own mark. He just wants to do things his way. Make it simple, keep it focused and be true to what he believes in, his music.

Music became a major factor of his life in his early 20s and he was inspired by bands and artists such as Bruce Springsteen, Pearl Jam and even Neil Young and Crazy Horse. He loved picking up the guitar and playing his own way, and not holding himself back to be limited by any influence, he made it a point to listen to various artists, absorbing their energy in a positive way, even the iconic Elvis Presley, the vibrant, Buddy Holly, and the outstanding Black Keys.

He took a small piece of each and created his own sound. By doing that he almost alienated himself from his own native land. Mainstream country music is not that popular in the land down under, which led to the point of not being able to find artists who could play his brand of music.

This in turn directed Billy into seeking studio musicians in Nashville, Tennessee to help produce the self titled debut album, it was produced by Billy Anderson at Cumberland Studios. The obstacles put in front of him have not kept him from pursuing his dream of performing his own style of music and branding his own expression.

From the blues of “Red Headed Baby” to the southern rock melody of “Gonna Get That Girl” everyone is sure to find something in this album that will become a favorite. Billy Roberts is a simple man with a driven mission,,,,,to share his soul in his music.

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