Alabama Line Songwriter’s Night, Tuesday’s at Blue Bar




If you are looking for a hearty dose of soulful songwriting as well as a room full of country enthusiasts, the Alabama Line songwriter’s night makes for an implausible performance. Started in 2004 by Wayne Mills, Hal Bruni, Tony Brook and Curt Brewer, Alabama Line originated to gain recognition and promote artists, bands and musicians that were from the home state of Alabama.

When asked what makes Alabama Line so much different than other country shows, the current host Ray Smitherman said, “ The originality of the show makes this event stand out from other events. It’s not only Alabama music and people, but also everyone from the south. I also give everyone a chance to perform.”

Keep in mind that Alabama Line is targeted for the country/songwriter enthusiasts in Nashville because you will be able to hear so many styles of country and not be confined to one dominate sound. In the entertainment industry, Nashville is one of the top three corporate powerhouse cities for music.Nashville is where record deals (and Stars) are made. Any exposure that an artist/band/musician can get within a corporate music community like Nashville is very hard to come by. Either way, being able to see so many artists perform their own songs and listening to each unique voice that gets on stage makes for an interesting night full of surprises.

“Although 95 percent is country, it should be said that about 5 percent is a mix of country and other genres of popular music. I am excited to be the host of Alabama Line. I have only seen this being performed in Nashville, nowhere else,” Ray commented.

Coming from a small venue, Alabama Line has grown beyond what its founders could have imagined. One of the first of these shows was held at On The Rocks in Nashville, Tennessee on Thursday, August 3rd, 2006. It was an instant hit in the Music City. With a loyal group of followers in Nashville, Alabama Line has become a hit among country fans and has been receiving great feedback since its establishment at the Blue Bar.

“We plan to keep Alabama Line at Blue Bar as long as we can,” said Ray, “It has a great atmosphere and more importantly great people supporting the event.”

Welcoming artists, soulful songs, passionate music enthusiasts, a great venue, and a collaboration of Nashville’s finest talent makes Alabama Line a must-see on your weekly evening out schedule.

Alabama Line is currently being held on Tuesday nights at the Blue Bar on Division Street. Ray Smitherman, the host of the weekly event has a brazen personality and a flair for everything country.

For more information about Alabama Line, including contact information for bookings and the weekly lineup visit: Alabama Line on Facebook

Story by: Harrison Baker | Edited By: Amanda Andrews


  1. The show is on Tuesdays at 8PM – Misprint – Great Article thanks Nashville Music Guide!

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