Sing For Your Supper is A Hit With The Music Industry and Beyond

Sing For your Supper



Every Wednesday night, in the heart of midtown there is a a special evening that has become a hotspot among the music industry crowd. “Sing for Your Supper,” a weekly event at Lucy’s Country Cafe located in the Blue Bar on Division Street brings together great music and a delicious dining experience that is enjoyable not only for the diners but for the performers as well.

People from all ages, backgrounds, and social gatherings have been coming to “Sing For Your Supper” because they all have one thing in common; the love for great live music. It has attracted a flock of applaude and deliberation from it’s attendees.

The host of this unparalleled and exciting event is the one and only hit songwriter, Bobby Pinson, who is also the owner of Lucy’s Country Cafe with his wife Lucy Pinson. At any time of the night you can find Bobby entertaining first time customers to his old friends who want to show their support.

“Sing For Your Supper” brings a unique collaboration of diverse music. “You can enjoy a singer/songwriter who loves to perofrm as a hobby to acclaimed musicians who have worked with A-list country artists,” explained Bobby, “You get the best of both worlds, which makes this [“Sing For Your Supper”] a cut above the rest of Nashville’s music scene.”

“Sing For Your Supper” has been going strong for four weeks and counting and already received raving reviews from numerous media outlets as well as sponsors that include BMI, Nashville Muse and Nashville Music Guide.

In addition to listening to marvelous music, you can enjoy great homemade food served by Lucy’s Country Café, which serves up a mean country fried steak as well as many other tasty southern receipes. Receipes which have been passed down from three generations in the Pinson family. This holds true for a great night out with friends and family alike. ”

Another warming and welcoming virtue is anyone can perform after ten o’clock. After all of the booked musicians for the night have performed, anyone who has the bravery and high levels of valor can jump on stage to perform their own material. There is also the plus that scheduled performers receive a complimentary meal from Lucy’s, hence the name “Sing For Your Supper,” and Bobby has been know to schedule artists after hearing them during the open-mic portion of the evening.

If you love implausible live music and out of this world food, you must drop everything you’re doing and check out Sing For Your Supper to experience this magnificent on of a kind event.

Story By Harrison Baker | Edited by Amanda Andrews

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