Alabama Native Shane Owens Bringing Back Traditional Country Music

Shane Owens
Shane Owens "Where I'm Coming From"
Shane Owens “Where I’m Coming From”

Shane Owens reminds me so much of all my life time favorites…..Conway, George, both Jones & Straight, Mark Chestnut and I say with an uplifted heart, he has just a subtle hint of Keith Whitley.

Owens is a tried and true down to earth country artist. His style is a testament to what true traditional country music is and has always been. If I had to describe him I would say humble, down to earth and a truly traditional country spirit that hits the mark.

He could place in so many different genre’s of country. His versatility with his unlimited range on vocals and his gift for writing a hit country song. But reviving traditional country is what his heart craves to do.

Shane grew up singing in church with him mom and family and say’s that he owes everything to the amazing talent that God gave him and he wants to share it with the world. This new album “Where I’m Coming From” is sure to be one for the watch lists of 2017.

“Country Never Goes Out of Style” is a delightful country tune that will have your toes tapping and your get up and go, going. Your gonna want to play it over and over again. Check out the video below.

Vocally Owens has that traditional twang that we sometimes relate to country music. He also has that deep southern drawl at times and it brings you into the music and in to the song. You’ll be hooked from the first note and you’ll be singing along as well.

Randy Travis and Shane Owens
Randy Travis and Shane Owens

Shane Owens brings it all…vocal, writing, performance, and passion. He has paid his dues, remained committed to traditional country and brings you a song with heart and a story. Songs that will get you through the tough times and enjoy the happy times; and, lyrics that will remind you of the threads in life that make you the fabric you are today. He will bless you with his talent and his kindness. To Shane, I gladly pass the baton…”

Randy Travis

Legendary artist Randy Travis is a huge supporter of Owens and gives that extra support by producing this new album. If you watched the video you were sure to see the super star enjoying the music behind the mixing console. Travis made his mark on the industry scene in the early 80’s with the release of his hit “On The Hand” and he is currently recovering well from a stroke. His input on this new album for Shane is truly an honor.

Shane Owens
Shane Owens

Owens is a natural. His style and his ease with the stage, the music, the fans, shows just how deeply rooted his heart is in this amazing gift.

His voice carries that raw country inspiration and brings him to the forefront of what so many country music fans want, real traditional country music. I believe he is just one of many new artists who will be bringing back to the days of George Jones, Conway Twitty, Merle and Hank.

Shane strikes again with his uber cool, note-bending vocals. The gently swaying tune is like a hammock in a spring breeze. And you can bet this pluperfect country stylist means every word of the lyric.

Robert K. Oermann

Shane feels that the pendulum is finally swinging back toward traditional country music and his hope is that kids today will have the opportunity to know and love the traditional sounds of the greats. He said it’s a shame that kids today have missed out on the experience.

shane-owens-liveI’ve been blessed to be brought up the way I was brought up. And I’ve learned the hard way that you’ve got to be yourself. That’s what’s gonna sell: Me being me. Maybe this whole thing is meant to be, and I’ve been through all of this for a reason, and the third time’s the charm.” ~ Shane Owens, from ~


Rolling Stone Country has announced Shane Owens as one of at least 10 new Country Artists you need to know for 2017 and his music has received outstanding reviews, not only from the fans but from the industry makers as well.

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