All Aboard Clayton Anderson’s “Struggle Bus”

All aboard the “Struggle Bus!” Clayton Anderson’s newest single is literally a head-banging country anthem about the nights that inspire us to live life to the fullest… and the slow-moving mornings that are sure to follow. Releasing in May, “Struggle Bus” offers its own kind of musical hangover cure: a cocktail of bright pop hooks, a killer chorus, a little banjo, and the roll-up-your-sleeves swagger of Clayton’s midwestern roots. “I try to bring the old-school to the new school,” sings Clayton, who co-wrote the song with Bryce Fox and Daniel Webber. Raised in southern Indiana, Clayton grew up listening to John Mellencamp, Bob Seger, and other blue-collar icons who made modern music rooted in the ideals of small-town America. Now living in Nashville, Clayton strikes the same balance with his own music. “Struggle Bus” is a country song for the modern world, but there’s something undeniably classic about Clayton’s approach. A cheery song for strange times, “Struggle Bus” also encourages its listeners to take control of the wheel and steer themselves into a better headspace. More at

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