Big Wild to Perform on Halloween at Nashville’s Marathon Music Works

Big Wild’s (Jackson Stell) debut album, Superdream, released this past February via Counter Records, has received  high praise from NPR and Billboard (and more)and has amassed over 30M streams thus far. Superdream finds Big Wild expanding his world of sound as he crafts hills and valleys of increasingly lush production, and for the first time in his career, he’s the voice guiding the listener on their musical journey. He’s bringing the album to life via a brand new live show …

The producer, vocalist, and composer has crafted a cinematic blend of electronica, slick retro synths, and signature deep 80’s-wave sound that is unique to him. Check out “6s to 9s,” (ft. lead vocalist Rationale) which NPR described as “this categorical build that starts from almost nothing and gains momentum, then builds speed, takes you higher, then hits the eject button while you’re at 20,000 feet and lets you feel that free fall.” He was also named one of Pandora’s Artists To Watch in 2019.

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