“Blessed” Reflects Scott and Sabrina’s Love Story

Lake Havasu has become a place of idealism for the growing artists in the community. You could probably compare the couple to Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s romantic relationship in their music.

The couple first met in a karaoke bar in Oregon where their story began. They both became best friends when they realized they had a musical connection with the blend of their voices. They both had been leading different lives – Scott had already started playing with a full band by the age of twenty-one and had been the opener for major musical talents in the Nashville area including Jon Pardi, Jake Owen, and Dustin Lynch. Sabrina had become a mom and worked as a pastry chef who had a passion for singing and decided to hop local karaoke bars for fun. 

They decided to move to Lake Havasu to start a new life for themselves as they were getting out of an unsafe living situation with their children. They decided to release “Blessed” as a testament to their journey together. 

“Each song tells a story” of our love, why we “ran away” from Oregon, and features solo pieces, duets, a rap by Scott’s son, and our newest release – which is our wedding vows we wrote to each other on a weekend getaway to Sedona.” Sabrina said in an interview. 

The songs in the album reflect their love and devotion they have. The song, “Kiss You Forever” is a direct and powerful statement on their budding love. With the chorus opening with those words, it almost feels like they are, in fact, reciting their vows. It is sweet and honest and rings true for the sentiments of true love. The closing track, “Home” is a beautiful piece sung mostly by Scott. He uses the ideology of “home” to show how he feels about his soon-to-be wife. He sings, “You feel like supper in oven/the perfect kinda lovin’/and your one in a million that I know/oh baby you feel like home”. The words are simple yet sweet and give you that warm feeling of what love feels like. 

When they wrote the album, Sabrina stated that their goal was “to share our music and message of hope and healing with anyone it resonates with. We both have stories of overcoming addiction, abuse, loss, traumas, and heartbreak and a once-in-a-lifetime love story.”

A perfect correlation to this is the track “I’m Gonna Love You”, a song that describes their promise to each other to always be there through thick and thin. It’s a look into their dynamic as a couple who look into their personal lives and write about what is important to them. The song is a slower ballad with a steady beat that makes you want to slow dance. It is graceful in the simple arrangement but raw in the performance. 

The album gives you exactly what you would want from a rising couple: love, sincerity, and harmonizing vocals that remind you of the smooth tones that Chris Stapleton gives us. It is truly a love story of the ages. 

Reviewed by Gabrielle Thompson

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