Blues Lady, Rebecca Jade introduces “Weather The Storm”

Rebecca Jade courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
Rebecca Jade courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
Rebecca Jade courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

Blues queen Rebecca Jade……how do I describe her……well….I can’t use just one word.

Exceptional, divine, mesmerizing, enchanting….oh..I could go on. This young woman has a true gift. Not just a nice voice or a beautiful face but a God given natural talent. This girl can sing. There is nothing forced about her. Her voice is dynamic and the ease with which she expresses such emotion…you can clearly “hear” why she’s meant to be in this position.

This thought provoking and memorable single, “Weather The Storm” is exquisite. In it she’s expressing the loss of love and the heartbreak she’s feeling. I love the old school style of the music, the lyrics and of course her amazing voice. It was as if I had been taken back in time. I think we all have a little touch of the old blues in us. Reminds me of when I first learned to do the stroll (dance) in high school.

You’ll linger just a bit longer on this CD because it has something for everyone. She’s not afraid to reach out and dive in to new things. Her voice is enchanting. It brings you in and captures your complete attention from the first note. She is intoxicating and will mesmerize you from the start.

Her voice timeless.

In the early part of her career she enjoyed performing at Anthology with their house band. Anthology is one of the most popular San Diego venues that’s known world wide. She performed there until 2013 when they finally closed the doors. She was a member of Siren’s Crush and opened for artists such as Boyz to Men, Vanilla Ice and the late Teena Marie.

Jade exudes the blues and is the pure meaning behind it. The old saying what you see is what you get…is true. Rebecca is a natural through and through. She’s like a time traveler almost….her appearance is classy and stylish with a hint of the forties and a splash of today. There is boldness, conviction, and a sexuality in her voice that is evergreen.

To say she’s a beauty is an understatement. She is beautiful but she’s so much more than that. She’s smart. She actually lives and breaths the music. It is her essence. When I spoke with Rebecca I could tell immediately that she was a genuine artist of true nature. Her talents run deeper than just the tone or inflection of her voice, the talent is in her blood. She grew up with music as part of her life, her mother was a professional jazz singer and she has shared some of that natural born talent with her daughter.

Inspired by iconic artists such as Patty LaBelle, Billy Holiday and Stevie Wonder. Rebecca expressed during our interview that she loves the creativity and the style of the old school songs. She said that when they wrote songs in the 50’s and 60’s it was classic.

Rebecca Jade courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
Rebecca Jade courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

Her current project is called “A Shade of Gray” and she hopes to have it released in early spring of 2016. She wants to express how fortunate she was to collaborate with incredible songwriters like Alfred Howard on ‘Weather The Storm.” With over 24 years of experience in the industry she is a staple in this genre and an inspiration for other artists on the move.

Rebecca has a very unique sound and a one of a kind voice. She’s genuine and if you think you’ll find another like her, your mistaken. There is only one Rebecca Jade. During our short conversation I could tell she loves what she’s doing and that it’s so much more than just playing a gig or doing a show. This is who she is and what she loves.


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