Bonnaroo Artist Review: Freelance Whales

This eclectic band has given collaboration a new meaning. After forming in late 2008 through Craigslist and through friends, they began practicing different tones with different instruments, to say the least. Doris Flynn plays bass, harmonium, glockenspiel, synthesizer and sings vocals. Judah Dadone is the lead vocalists, playing banjo and bass and acoustic guitar. Judah, Doris, Chuck, Jacob and Kevin have created a new sound for Indie rock. And you can’t forget the mandolin as well on some of their tracks. The originality and unity the band puts together is definitely a band to check out! Weathervanes was released December 2010 and features “Generator (First Floor)”, which is on the new Starbucks commercial and “The Great Estates.”

Check it out:

7 Stars

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