Brandon Giles and The Tricky Two


With a hearty dose of Honky Tonk, a little blues, and a whole lot of Jerry Lee Lewis inspired piano riffs, Brandon Giles and the Tricky Two shine among the greats. A recent visit to downtown Nashville led me to find the rudimental power group performing some of their original hits at Layla’s Bluegrass Inn on Broadway. Having a fast pace rhythm of electrifying piano and  hard thumping of bass, brings out the best of what real Honky Tonk/Rock is supposed to sound like.


Brandon Giles and the Tricky Two have a diverse sound like no other I have seen around the Nashville area. With the speedy, heart pounding song like “Alcohol Abuse” to a slow and somber song“ Who Will Be the Next Fool,” shows the diversity that this band showcases day after day as Layla’s house band.


Having so many characteristics of many 1960’s Rock N’ Roll bands and a clash of vintage Honky Tonk, Brandon Giles and the Tricky Two have established themselves amongst even the most choosy Country/Rock music lovers. With a broad range and monotonous slew of Honky Tonk Rock to choose from, this band is an inherent group to watch out for.


Review by Harrison Baker

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  1. Great Band very entertaining and the fill in Bass player Dawn Richey was
    Kick Ass , well done guys 🙂

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