Blues Legend Makes Good In Music City

B.B. King is a synonymous character in the world of the Blues community. It is only fitting that he uses his signature name to take part and signify the importance of what real Blues music sounds like. B.B. King’s Blues Club, which is located right off Broadway in the heart of downtown Nashville, delivers a little spice of original Blues, country, rock and then some in between.


B.B. King’s Club opened on August 22, 2003. It was Tommy Peters, the President of B.B. King’s Blues Club, who opened the Nashville location after much success with their flagship location in Memphis. Peters had no prior experience in the food or beverage industry, or any experience outside of accounting, but he was determined to open a blues club in a city dominated by Country.


I recently sat down with General Manager of B.B. King’s Stacy Williams and Lisa Hurley, the Director of Sales and Marketing, to ask them a few questions on the notorious chain of clubs. I asked them what differentiates B.B. King’s Blues Club from all other significant clubs in Nashville? They both told me that this venue is a family-oriented club, which serves amazing, quality food, has a friendly staff and some of the best blues music you can find around Nashville.


The great aspect of B.B. King’s Blues Club is that it is a Blues Club, but offers amazing music ranging from country to Rock, Folk to Bluegrass and those genres you just can’t put your finger on. The list of musicians who have played at this location are a “who’s who” in music. Some of the prominent artist are B.B. King himself, Little Big Town, Ronnie Baker Brooks, Bart Walker and Steven Copper, just to name a few.


Williams also stated that Blues music has and will always be a significant part of any musician and music enthusiast. B.B. King’s Blues Club is here to show what Blues is and why it is a staple for not only music aficionados, but also laying the foundation for current and future musicians. Having five locations and counting, this club is a distinguishable experience like no other.

Harrison Baker

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  1. The food is truly top-notch. We went there when we were in town last weekend and really loved the atmosphere, but the food was seriously good.

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