Canadian Pop Artist Solaya Love Presents “Illustrious”

Solaya is a Canadian singer/songwriter who along with producer John Atonic has created an amazing collection of pop tunes that will make you want to dance and move till dawn.

This collaborative cleverness of musical artistic genius shows Solaya’s strengths in her vocals and the mastery of a great mix. This EP brings in a melodious and lightly playful idea of grooving bass and harmonious depth.

“Music is a language we all speak, regardless if we can read or write it.” – SOLAYA LOVE

As a child, Solaya remembers playing and dancing, swaying and singing to a melody that only she could hear. It was then that suddenly she felt compelled to learn to read and play music herself. There a was a special instrument that called to her. The violin, and from there the magical lessons would propel her to a destiny absolutely worth pursuing.

From the beginning with lessons in violin she then moved on to guitar and by the young age of 12, the taste for more was ravaging. She moved to play rhythm and lead guitar with a psychedelic band at the age of 16 and mesmerized with her tempting vocals.

“ Let It Go” is hot and she’s got the sizzling vocals to complete the package. The pop beat and groove are easy to move to and as it fades to soft and slow ease, it puts you right back into the jumping groove.

I really liked “All Or Nothing” with the hot horn intro and deep bass sounds. The vocals are right on target, the balance is off the charts and the horn section sets it ablaze.

Solaya has performed at the 2018 Astral Harvest Music Festival, in Alberta, and the 2018 Reign Bough Fiddle Music Festival, Alberta. She has also performed at the 2017 Tribal Nation Event, Edmonton and the Booking at Mercury Room, in Edmonton.

“Since I was a child, in my sleep, I would have dreams of hearing music. The next step was knowing music theory to write it all down when I woke up.” – SOLAYA LOVE

Solaya has solid influences on her music from artists like Tove Lo, Becky Hill, Araina Grande, Madonna, Lady Gaga, and Jimi Hendrix. With influences such as these, there is no wonder that she presents herself with such talent and versatility. Her interests range from rock, roots, blues, metal, pop, and world music.

“After having the pleasure of seeing these two’s performance-my life has changed! No, that’s not hyperbole fam. That’s respect. The way they command the stage is incredible. The vocal work moved me to tears.” – Carlos Sorto

Solaya wants to inspire others to be their selves, to be real and authentic in whatever it is that they want to be. Her wish is for others to embrace the feeling of joy and so empowered by her music.

This self-produced and mastered collection are all originally composed and written by Solaya and John Atonic, it delivers an eloquently designed mix of dance music featuring outstanding vocals and spice for making an engaging art form for music lovers.

“Since I was a child, in my sleep, I would have dreams of hearing music. The next step was knowing music theory to write it all down when I woke up.” – SOLAYA LOVE

This artist is Solaya Love introducing her amazing vocals, along with John Atonic with live production and DJ mixing. This collection presents in the style of Vocal Based POP/EDM and is similar to artists such as Aluna George, Banks, Nao, Ellie Goulding, Tove Lo, Nora En Pure

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