Singer-Songwriter Matt Batory Better Known As Twisted Oak Releases “ Cold Coffee and Half Smoked Cigarettes”

Twisted Oak is an artist name for an amazing young man named Matt Batory. Matt is from West Milford, New Jersey and is probably one of the most talented new artists in his chosen genre.

“Cold Coffee and Half Smoked Cigarettes was released on September 21, 2018, and was produced by Jeffrey Frey. This EP is a collection of 5 songs centered around people moving from their vices, one at a time through life and, how what could be addictions can build us up and then break us down. As noted in the personal quote from Matt below.

His sound is very clear and crisp, fresh and vibrant. The guitar is soothing and inviting and as the vocals come in to play you hear the essence of tender meaning and emotion. The passion and depth of what each song means to him are present in each syllable and each note.

“Back To Me” is the first song on the collection. The soft intro of acoustic guitar sets the tone for the song. Instrumentally it is excellently presented and the vocals are moving.

The imagery produced through each song can take a person through the depths of troubles long gone and yet inspire us to never repeat those events but strive for something better.

Matt Batory is a singer/songwriter and producer who at the young age of 22 is well on his way to making a solid mark in the music industry. His main focus on music is an acoustic style and he plans to incorporate that into broader and various genres.

Matt looked at the blank palette of his musical charts and decided he wanted to create music that everyday people could connect to. Each song has a unique story and each plays a huge role in the enormous picture that “is” his life.

Matt took part in The World Choral Festival in Kansas City, KS in 2016 and then in 2018 he took part again the beautiful Salzburg, Austria.

I think you will love this collection, especially when you hear the third track on the album, it’s the title track “Cold Coffee and Half Smoked Cigarettes,” and the intro is happy and moving. His vocals are sharp and the lyrics express how we feel about highs and lows in relationships. The pace of the song is upbeat and keeps you moving. I enjoyed the mixture of his vocals and the acoustic guitar. Harmony…perfect.

“Faith” is the last track on the collection and it’s got a rocking little vibe to it. It expresses hope for “maybe one day” having all the good things come back your way. It’s encouraging us to believe that tomorrow is worth looking forward to.

Artist Quote:

“…this album means everything to me. It’s the first step I’m taking
as far as a public direction for my music. These songs are ones that symbolize huge moments in my life. Being able to express those moments in a way that I am proud of is one of the best feelings I’ve ever had. All I ever want to do with music is make an experience that people feel more so than listen to.”

” ‘Cold Coffee and Half Smoked Cigarettes,’ is a story about moving on from vices. Both cold coffee and half smoked cigarettes are what would be left behind if someone had decided to rid themselves of physical addictions such as caffeine and nicotine. This imagery symbolizes the remnants of who that person was, but not what they’ve become. In the case of the story of the album, we see love as the central vice. Love can build someone up and break someone down, but the most important part of being in love is realizing that it is not ours to have. When we cling to a possessive love, we let it take over us. This album explores different aspects of this learning.” ~Matt Batory~

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