Mark Wayne Glasmire’s Can’t Be Denied Album Review

Mark Wayne Glasmire has a voice that could have easily found him as a member of the Eagles if he’d been around a few decades ago. Not that he sounds old-style. Simply that he projects an easy, laid-back vibe that comes across most vividly in “I’ve Got A Feeling,” the first track on his new album, Can’tBe Denied.

Glasmire doesn’t fit the standard Nashville mold. In fact, he had made the move to Nashville but found he wasn’t a writer who could churn out hits on demand.

“But I found out pretty quick that you won’t find success until you’re true to who you are,” Glasmire has said. “Don’t try to be somebody else. If  you’re constantly trying to be what somebody else wants you to be, you’re in trouble.”

He moved to Arlington, Texas, and found a new energy as both a songwriter and as an artist.

“Those Nights” is a heart-warming mid-tempo about the secure feeling that comes from knowing the one you love loves you too. Similarly, the title track, “Can’t Be Denied,” is sparked by that moment you know you were truly meant to be with someone. That feeling of instant connection continues in the jog-along ballad “Alysia,” inspired by a chance encounter and a single day on a Southern California beach.  Love stays a little longer (but once again in a ‘love at first sight’ song) with “Deep InsideMy Heart,” a joyous romp about anticipating the happy ever after.  Yes, Glasmire is definitely a romantic. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

He switches gears with “Borderline,” an uptempo western fable from the point of view of a cowboy heading for the border after a gun fight.  Think: Marty Robbins’ “El Paso” reimagined by Crosby Stills and Nash.

“Out of The Frying Pan Into The Fire” is a flat-out funny honky-tonk rocker about a bad situation that just keeps getting worse. Whether he’s getting evicted by the landlord or getting caught by his girlfriend, it’s just not his day!

“She found some pink pumps underneath the  chair / I told her I could surely  explain/ But with a look that could kill / She said tell me why / There’s lipstick on that glass of champagne.” No doubt this song gets some hoots n’ hollers from the audience when he plays it live, but he says his ex-wife found nothing funny about it!  Hmmm…

There’s not a dud among the twelve tracks on this strong outing from Mark Wayne Glasmire who wrote or co-wrote all the songs. The project was produced by Glasmire and John Albani and was recorded at Sonic Eden Studios inNashville, Tennessee.

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