Jessie Baylin’s Strawberry Wind Album Review

Jessie Baylin is set to release a children’s album titled Strawberry Wind (Amazon Original) in addition to a companion short film of the same name directed by award-winning animator Steven Mertens. Both will be released on April 27.

Folk, Jazz Singer, Jessie Baylin’s new album Strawberry Wind is a beautiful masterpiece of music and lyrics. The title track “Strawberry Wind” is a slow, feel good, love song filled with lyrics expressing love. “Love is in the air, feel it everywhere you go.” So soothing.

“Dream Catcher” has a different beat I feel that it is a little more up tempo than”Strawberry Wind.” The lyrics are hypnotic throughout the track.

“Magic of Your Mind” is hopeful of the future and imaginative.  The lyrics are soft spoken and thoughtful. “Seek and you will find, Magic of Your mind.” Jessie’s vocals are pure and raw throughout the album. She has a beautiful voice that will make you want to listen for hours. This album is nothing short of bold and breathtaking.

The video from the album called “It’s The Summertime” was directed by Megan Thompson and Fairlight Hubbard, and premiered with People Magazine last Friday. The clip features an expectant Baylin alongside the couple’s four-year-old daughter Violet Followill.


Strawberry Wind is an Amazon Original album, available exclusively for streaming on Amazon Music Unlimited and Prime Music, and for digital download or physical purchase through Amazon Music. A vinyl LP will also be released on Baylin’s own imprint Blonde Rat in association with New West Records to both Amazon and independent retailers.

Jessie Baylin is a singer and songwriter. Some of her musical influences are Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, and Judy Garland. Jessie started singing at a young age. She was often found at her parents’ restaurant. Her music is beautifully performed. We would also like to congratulate Jessie and her husband on the birth of their son Oliver Francis. 

Baylin and Nathan Followill (Kings Of Leon drummer) also announced the birth of their second child, welcoming Oliver Francis Followill, born April 10, 2018 at 9:58pm, weighing 9 pounds, five ounces. “We are madly in love with our baby boy. He has the sweetest spirit and has already made our world a more beautiful place” said the couple from their home in Nashville, TN.

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Review by Taraya Harvey 

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