Ferentz and The Felons with “Hudson County”

Wow, how do I do this review without making it personal? I can’t. As I previewed the video I was covered from head to toes with chills. I relived my parts of my own childhood in so many ways. As I continued I saw my own child’s life in so many ways as well. Her fight with drugs and her fight with mental illness.

The lyrics are powerful, true and I believe will resonant with so many people across this country and the world. It’s real, point blank… in your face “the truth” about “real” life.

There is nothing fabricated or made up. It is the cold hard facts. It’s emotional, it’s rough and it’s full of realistic attitude.

“All of my music is inspired by my life, real situations that made me who I am. From watching my parents battle drug addiction to running the streets to earn a living, this is a story about urban America that is best described as “folk from the streets”. ~ Zak Ferentz, Independent Artist ~

The vocals are strong and Zac presents himself with strength and a lot of courage as he bears his soul in the songs of this album. So often artists write about life in “general” and the songs are something that folks can say, “Yeah I relate” but with this collection there are a lot of folks who will say…”That was me” or “I’ve been there”…that’s the truth.


Every lyric on EP is related to the real life experiences of Zac Ferentz. It’s basically a story about his life, his friends, his family and the events that took place that would eventually shape him into the man he is today, and the artist he is and will be in the future.

For being short and to the point, this two song EP is packed with meaning and it makes you think. It makes you think about what’s really important in life. The artist grew up in tough times. His parents struggled with addiction, the whole family struggled with low income and at times there was no money at all. His music is about the hard knocks and life on the streets.

Track one has a great acoustic opening. There is a slight hint of what I call southern comfort rock. The lyrics are expressive and moving. I love the tempo as it picks up after the introduction. It’s rhythmic and constant. If you listen you can feel exactly what he’s expressive. Things like heartache, sadness but yet he’s also got courage to fight to get out of the depressive life he’s living. He’s moving on.

With just two short tracks this EP is full and packed with some great talent. I would love to hear a full six to ten tracks from this group.

Track two opens hot and ready to leave the gate. Nice electric guitar intro and the percussion section is tight and solid. Once again I hear some southern rock, some folk and maybe a touch of American richness.

The group of talented artists on this album are Zak Ferentz: on lead vocals/lead guitar, then we have Robert Dudziak on bass and guitars. The talented Matt “Waz” Wasielewski is holding down the percusson section on drums and rounding out the group is Rich Catalano on guitar

The group presents in the genre of rock and roll, folk, blues, Americana. They have been compared to Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers, with a hint of Neil Young. I hear a splash of Bob Dylan, and that southern rock feel I think is a little touch of the great Lynard Skynard.


You can find more information on this super new artist at the sites below. Take a listen and a visit. I think you’ll find a new all time favorite.

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