Introducing British Columbia Folk Duo The Rabbitt’s with “Tall Pines and Tangled Vines”

This is a beautiful, take it easy, take the edge off kind of album with some inviting harmonies, inspiring lyrics and tantalizing instrumentation.

This album was inspired by time spent in the beautiful British Columbia, Canada. The duo believes in embracing nature and using it as a backdrop and inspiration for writing their music. Most especially the mountains and forests of BC have played a huge roll in the easy and free flowing rhythm of the songs on this album. You’ll enjoy the sounds of bass, harmonica, mandola and mandolin, and many more.

Instrumentally this album is strong in that it is fully acoustic through and through. The duo Lucy and Odhran perform the entire album. This duo formed four years ago and have made great strides in getting their music out to the listeners. I believe they are doing a marvelous job.

Vocals on this collection are inviting and warm With Lucy featuring a delicate and soft tone blended with Odhran’s deeper verbiage, you can’t miss on this album.

“Twisted Pine” is great with almost a transcendental feel to the vocal harmonies. The connection within the vocals gives it a tender touch. It expresses feelings of slowing down in life and embracing the love and peace above all.

“Wild” begins with a beautiful set of harmonies and the tender picking of mandolin and strings. It’s almost embellished with a light country feel that holds hands well with the folk essence. It wants us to wonder how it could be to be lost in the wild with nature and bliss. I like it.

I really enjoyed “Brambles & Blackberries” with the uncomplicated story of what a magical journey love can be with the right person. It expresses the fact that if we just allow ourselves to release the joy in our mind and in our heart then the partnership is uplifting.

I was drawn in by “Luna Lupe” and the lyrics. The story of a magical wolf who draws them in to the haven of nature. The setting is warm and serene with the beach and the water. Enjoying nature but yet knowing that Lupe waits and it’s time to run.

The last track that I wanted to mention is “Midnight Moon” and it is superb. I really enjoyede the light as a feather intro and how it felt so relaxing and inviting. I closed my eyes and must say I took a beautiful journey through the forest at night with a huge full moon shining down upon me. What a journey through the talents of this great duo. It makes you sway, helps you too slow your breath and simply “be”…it’s simply…nice.

This group has a strong folk presence that is gentle yet fun and full of colorful imagery that will take your senses on a journey through time. It is wholesome and happy and I do believe that is just what we need these days. Music that is medicine for the soul.

Musicians performing on this album are Odhran Linsey with vocals, acoustic guitar, mandola, acoustic bass, harmonica, bodhran and percussion. Lucy McKinlay also performing on vocals, mandolin, mandola, whistle, and percussion. This group presents in the style or genre of Folk, Acoustic, Fingerstyle, and Psychedelic folk. The band has been likened to artists such as Nick Drake, Laura Marling, Ben Howard, The Incredible String Band.

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