“Dispatch” by The League of One

Deriving from the impressions of artists such as Iron Maiden, Led Zeppelin, and RUSH, this group will be a must have in every hard rock fans collection.

Founding member of the group Will Meader brought the team together in 2003 when bass and vocalist Tracy Gerlach and drummer Eric Gherasim joined this phenomenal hard rock group. In 2005 Murray Sokoloski, “The Rev” bass player extraordinaire replaced Tracy and then in 2009 Bill Grant came in as the new drummer. Since that time the line up has stayed the same. In 2004 they made news with the release of their first single, a somewhat rough version of “Orange” and then in 2009 came out with the remix and an official release to the public.

The group has already acquired an impressive following and fan base along with watchful ears and eyes from the media. The architecture and balance of the three create the perfect joining of spellbinding lyrics. This combination places them in a highly unique classification of metal rock artists.

This latest album “Dispatch” will prove to bring even more fans and followers to their music and will widen the scope of just how far their sound will travel.

Vocals and instrumentation on this album are super powerful and place this group on the watch list for 2018/2019. They have a colossal sound and a powerful stage presence.

The accolades for the band are exceptional especially with the response from various radio stations. Those would include being the winner of the 2015 “104.9 FM The Wolf Queen City Rocks” competition, the Prairie Dog magazine “Best of Regina 2016 Best Album” this one for “Kill” and single “Kill the Mastodon” played in rotation on 104.9 FM The Wolf. Just to name a few.

The band not only produces heavy hitting, jaw dropping instrumental synchronicity they also produce lyrics that make a big impact because they jell so tightly with the music. Each song tells a story and does it well while rocking it out on texture and raw ability. Take for instance…….

With over 15 years of performing together each member knows exactly where the other will go with a rift, a measure, range, pitch, and inflection. They know each other so well they are “The League of One”…..

Some may feel that their style of music has gone out of fashion these days but it hasn’t. Today’s rock music is followed and led by a whole new generation.

The music doesn’t camouflage or bury the lyrics. Each has it’s own tightly woven pattern in the texture of the song. Each stands strong on it’s own.

“Wax Museum” begins with a hard driving, full on, out of the gate,set of head banging guitar riffs. It’s wide open.

“Working Man’s Band” hangs tight with a gentle intro that is somewhat deceptive and then you get a nice full measure of drums to get you started for that hard working day. It tells the truth about how hard it is for a hard working man or woman. Gotta keep the bills paid but you still need to unwind. Right?

The song “Antz” leaves nothing out and I really enjoyed the intro. It blast from the first note. Reminds me of a heavier day with Metallica. Each note is precise and right on target.

“The League Of One finds success through evolution” – Taron Cochrane (Taron Cochrane Entertainment)

This album was released in February of 2018. All the songs you hear on this album were written by The League of One. The collection was produced, recorded and mixed by Kyle Bottcher at the Lil Eve Studios, in Regina, SK Canada. It was mastered by Ian Dillon at Calgary Recording Company, Calgary AB Canada. All album art is provided by Colin McClellan of (Apocolyptic Cow).

Musicians performing on this collection are Will Maeder with lead vocals and guitar, following with The “Rev” Murray Sokoloski on bass and vocals and holding down a solid percussion section is Billy Grant on drums. This group presents in the styles of Metal, Punk, Stoner Rock, Hard Rock and would be likened to artists such as Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Rush, and Led Zeppelin.

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