New Single Review for “Dry Your Tears” by Folk Artist LeeSun

Introducing folk artist LeeSun with her newest and latest single “Dry Your Tears.” It is a powerful song about love, life, suffering, and sacrifices made for those we love. This song is powerful and LeeSuns’s vocals make it even more so. LeeSun is sure to be on the watch list for up and coming female folk artists of 2018.

“LeeSun is a unique voice in music today” – Corinne Bailey Rae.

LeeSun is a daughter of mother earth. She sees life through the eyes of a gentle and pure soul. One of her previous recordings was a song called “We’re All Made Of Stars.” This song is ethereal and blissful. It takes you to a place that expresses love and kindness. The acoustic version is an inviting presentation. It’s not surprising that this new single “Dry Your Tears” is also a major accomplishment on this exquisite journey in her career.

Her vocals are clear, crisp, vibrant and in perfect tone. Her talent is also shown in the ease with which she presents her songs. It is effortless and free. This is true, natural talent.

“If you crossed the most enchanting aspects of Erin McKeown, Ani DiFranco, Norah Jones, and Bjork, you’d be left with one tripped-out chanteuse. You’d be left with LeeSun. The UK singer-songwriter combines the cadence and confessional pitch of McKeown and DiFranco with the intimacy of Jones and Bjork’s frozen waifishness.” Editor’s Choice,

As I began to listen to “Dry Your Tears” I could hear slight impressions of the artist like Nora Jones, Katie Gray, and Jenny Owen Youngs. The lyrics speak of finding strength from burdens that most all of us face in life. The instrumentation is soothing and rhythmic, very inviting. Then as I began to watch the video accompanying the song I was immediately taken to a different place. The visual was dramatic and the story being told is powerful.

The passion displayed tells us about real life. The struggles, the burdens, the trials, the loss, the pain, and how we will give so much at times to sometimes never get that part of us back. It is… “Powerful and Awakening.” It shares a message of real-life pain and suffering from the time we are born to our death. It speaks of sacrifice and what we give for those we love.

LeeSun knows the importance of using music to heal and strengthen our body, mind, and spirit. Music is a true key to purity in our lives. LeeSun is a master. She is a free spirit who’s gift of music awakens something within us we all need to see and hear in order to find peace within.

Excellent presentation on this single. The video is well mastered and compelling. Her work comes from the desire to use music for changing the world. It is about being authentic and speaking truth into the world about real life, real life issues, and what we can do to help change them. Love…love is the key.

“Gorgeous. And quite unlike anything else.” – Live Music Scene- 

Musicians on this single are LeeSun with vocals, keyboards, percussion. Toby Noble on guitar, Sam Quintana on bass guitar and Neil Innes also on bass guitar. Tom Sidebottom on violin, viola, and cello.
Danny Gough on flugelhorn, and trumpet, Samantha Hoare accompanying on backing vocals, and Joe Martin on backing vocals. Violette Lister, Elijah Hubbard, and Alex Bristoll also on backing vocals.

Johnny Richmond performs on keyboards, Joost Hendricks on drums and Danny Templeman on Percussion, with Sam Hobbs also sharing his talents on drums. LeeSun presents in the styles of Folk and Quirky Pop. She has been likened to artists such as Feist, Regina Spektor, Bjork, Tom Waits, Anita O’Day, Norah Jones, and Simon & Garfunkel. For more information on LeeSun please see the links below. All media links and photo’s courtesy of Independent Music Promotions.

“This album is about how suffering is a part of life. Somehow love is bigger, not in the way others tell you so, but in the way, you discover and choose for yourself.” ~LeeSun~


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