Drake White With His New Album “Spark” and Winner of CBS Artist of Tomorrow 2017

I first met Drake back in 2010 when country singer Wayne Mills was making the scene at all the local downtown clubs in Nashville. Drake White, Doug McCormick, Wayne Mills, The Darlins, and several others made the line up for a scene called “Alabama Line” that featured a group of local musicians from the Nashville area promoting their music.

Drake’s energy on stage was the first thing that attracted me to him. His voice and style of interpretation was next. He couldn’t sit or stand still and nine times out of ten he was barefoot. It was as if he had ants in his shoes and in his pants all at the same time. But he was and is phenomenal.

Born and raised in Hokes Bluff Alabama music has always been part of his life and it was the “spark” at a young age that caught him and held on. A spark that allowed him to express his emotions and dreams in a way that only he could.

His current album is “Spark” and it has surely lit a spark in fans around the world. His single, “Making Me Look Good Again” is absolutely one of the best songs I’ve heard this year. It’s intimate, it’s sincere, it’s true to the core of a love story between a man and and a women and what it means to have a deep love untainted by spoils of life. It’s rich with the dream of what most all women look for in a partner, a husband, a passionate love and it’s something that we should all truly search for and desire.

I asked Drake about how he got started on this musical journey. He said he was 22 when he caught the spark. And it was in 2005 when he met a country music artist named Wayne Mills. Mills and his band, Luke Davis, Gary Craig, and Curt Brewer were the first to give Drake a chance at appearing on stage to share his music. He said that they were a huge part in getting him started out right on this journey.

He has been fortunate to be able to do things his way and that being diplomatic in your approach to the industry as well as having a clear vision of who you are is what’s needed to make it in this industry.

When asked about how he approaches his career he said that things are the way they are suppose to be. That he is exactly where he’s suppose to be and that we should enjoy where we are in life because it’s for a reason. Music is his fun. He will always do it his way.

He draws his inspiration for his music through spiritual elements, other artists, his life experiences, his wife, his life and family. He says you have to work toward staying positive and keeping a positive vibe.

Drake is the CBS Artist of Tomorrow 2017 and gives a great big thanks to Zac Brown for nominating him. Such an amazing honor and we are very proud for Drake. Congratulations on this and many more awards to come.

To follow Drake please visit www.drakewhite.com


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