Contemporary Pop Artist Andy Michaels Shines With Latest Release Incendiary Heart With Chart Topping Reviews

Andy Michaels has appeared in Nashville Music Guide before and is back with his latest release “Incendiary Heart”, a passionate collection of powerful heartfelt emotions and soul touching lyrical moments.

Driven by his deep rooted love of music and lyrical expression Micheals has paved the way to chart topping hits with his recent album “Incendiary Heart.”

If asked to compare Andy Michaels to other known artists I would have to say he ranks high with artists like Bryan Adams and David Bowie. His vocals are unique and all his own, once you learn of his music you will know it’s him from the first time you hear him. His last album received airplay in over 46 countries, doesn’t that tell you something of the power and presence his music presents?

Indie Pulse Music says, “He defies genre and contains a spiritual essence rare in today’s music industry”

The opening track “Darling,It Hurts, Unplugged” is on the surface, simple and fragrant. From the light vocals of gentle whispers to striking and impressive female harmonies. The song itself speaks of heartbreak but invites you in and holds your attention, completely.

The title track “Incendiary Hearts” arouses feelings of being grounded to the heart and soul of who we are as lovers of music. It brings a flood of deep rooted feelings and the female harmony brings it all together nicely.

West Coast Rocker says: “The blend of his voice and the words to the songs can move some listeners to emotions.”

Andy Micheals is an singer/songwriter from Australia who recently released his newest and what could be his best yet collection.

He has established a huge following in the world of music and holds his own with seasoned musicians and singer songwriters in this particular genre/style.

His style and musical arrangements are reminiscent of Cold Play and his passion for entertaining is quite apparent as he travels and performs in locations such as Australia and Asia, including China.

Bottom line for me is that Andy Micheals is the Mozart of Pop Contemporary music. His artistry and talent with the tapestry he weaves is exquisite. Michaels is the master lyrical and instrumental composer of 2019.

His work is unique and definitely his own. His vocals are easily recognizable and the style he presents has it’s own signature that will set him apart from the population of current pop contemporary artists in the genre.

“It was important to me to follow up with another Album of eclectic , inspirational and Soul searching songs. I learned long ago its not about me, or one song or one Album, it is about the whole body of work and enjoying the musical journey along the way!” ~Andy Michaels~

Andy Michaels presents as lead and backing vocals and guitars, Andy Court lends his talents with backing vocals, lead guitar and Ukulele, Sharon Court shares her lyrical talents with vocals, Tiarna Madison shares beautiful harmonies and vocals. Andy Micheals presents in the styles of Pop, Folk, Adult Contemporary, Easy Listening, and Light Country. His style and music is similar to John Mayer, Ed Sheeran, Owl City, and David Bowie.

Incendiary Heart comprises 14 songs encompassing all Genres, including Pop, Folk, Country, Soul, Alternative and splashes of many more in between.

Michaels music has received airplay in an amazing 46 countries, including the US, Australia, Canada, South Africa, Russia, and the Netherlands, just to name a few. Now come on folks, that’s good stuff. Also, not only has his music had radio airplay in these countries it has also been syndicated to multiple radio stations with continuous airplay.

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