Vancouver Hip-Hop Rapper Dr. Bentz With “Risin’ Up”

Vancouver Hip Hop/Rap Artist Dr. Bentz is here with some music for the masses. While pursuing a career in naturopathic medicine, he digs deeper into his true self and reveals to the world his love for hip hop music.

Motivated by his devotion for music, the hip/hop culture and his desire to entertain, Bentz has collaborated with some of today’s most auspicious artists as he makes his own way and breaks through into the music industry.

“It just didn’t feel right”, says BENTZ, “getting to this stage of my life without releasing the 25 plus tracks I had been sitting on that had been percolating over the past couple years.” “You know you can have your career”, he continues… “and you can have passion for your career & even be great at your career… but then you can have an even deeper passion inside you, driving you… that should never be ignored, but needs to be acknowledged, listened to, nurtured, and developed”, BENTZ comments

Currently working on new tracks with rising super producer from Toronto, J Staffz, and having worked with well known artists such as G-Unit, YMCMB, and Wiz Khalifa, Bentz is firming up a foundation.

Dr. Bentz is also making regular trips to LA where he’s working with David Snow, well known producer and creative director who has worked with artists such as Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus, and the Jonas Brothers.

Artist Quote: “Risin’ Up embodies the struggle of rising to the challenge to live out your dreams amidst the obstacles presented to you in life.”

Any artist who’s true passion and drive is succeed in the music knows that you must possess a certain amount of unique qualities to accomplish the dream. Determination, a driven desire, and the knowing that it is your true calling. Bentz has all that and more. “Risin’ Up” is fresh, infused with a cool vibe, has a great range of pulsating instrumentation that holds solid with vocals and texture.

This single has a colorful infusion of lyrics with a clean and bright palette of flute-like tones, synths, and harmonics that make it a winning combination.

Bentz is currently building a huge fan base around the world as his music with its depth and powerful intensity is intoxicating fans worldwide. The song epitomizes the undertaking of meeting the challenge to live your dreams head-on, even in the midst of every obstacle that can be put in your path.

Though Dr. Bentz has a full time career as a successful doctor of naturopathic medicine, it is truly clear that he is a talented and gifted musical entertainer at heart. His music embodies a progressive style of the next level hip/hop rapper that he is and there’s even a light gospel influence that brightens and lightens the presentation.

Bentz has reached over 100K fans on FaceBookand his story has appeared on the front cover of the Kelowna Capital News.

Dr. Bentz formerly known as Benzo Bentley, presents in the styles of hip hop, rap, pop, EDM and is likened to artists Post Malone, Son Real, 21 Pilots, and Kendrick Lamar. He says influences on his music are Kanye West, Drake, Wu Tang Clan, Mad Child, and Jay-Z.

Bentz is currently completing several projects on a solo mixtape EP series, more to come on that in the future updates. His previous works include writing, vocals, and co-production on the late Q-Theory’s Design by Chance, 2006 and YYoga Community’s Listen to Understand Volumes 1&2 from 2010 and 2011.

For more information on Dr. Bentz you can find him at the sites below. All media links and photos are courtesy of Independent Music Productions.


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