Andy Evans welcomes the New Year with a new EP called “Miracle”

Andy Evans courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
Andy Evans courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

Every now and then a new sound comes to the air waves that makes us stand up and pay attention. One of those new sounds, new albums on the rise is “Miracle” by Andy Evans.

You’ll find nine magical tracks of upbeat, grooving texture in this album. You’ll include it in your favorites for sure. Each track has something so unique that each one could stand alone but together they make a superior set.

Evans makes his home in the Dallas, Fort Worth, TX area. This talented artist leaves nothing to the imagination. In a combination of blues, soft modern rock and a splash of jazz this album gives a broad depth to the meaning of filled to the brim with talent.

His love of music started at an early age when he thrived on the music of greats such as Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, and Rush. As his love of music grew he began to enjoy a more diverse collection of music in the genres of country and gospel music. Inspired by the diversity of all these forms of music Andy began to write his own songs and the proof is in the pudding ladies and gentlemen. He’s a master of his trade.

Title track “Miracle” is filled with amazing guitar rifts, heart thumping bass and clear crisp lyrics. This EP is full of surprises with it’s soulful, bluesy/jazz guitar, deep bass and classic sharp percussion. Harmonies are rich like butter and honey. This is sunny beach and high tide music.

Lyrically the words are rich, distinctive with great conviction….rhythmic. They tell a story between words and music. Words say love and music say’s…maybe? The melding of two emotions expressed in two different ways is raw talent…evergreen.

“Lesson Learned” is great in that you can follow every lyric easily and the instrumentation on the song flows with a deep clarity as the vocals really pull it all together with clear, crisp expression.

As an artist he is all natural. His range of free expression is timeless. The combination of expression and talent this artists presents a declaration to what good music really is.

The instrumentation is free flowing, jiving, and moving. It never stops. Andy keeps you coming back for another listen each time because of his insane execution of earthy guitar rifts and supersonic licks.

Andy Evans courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
Andy Evans courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

“ I Wish She Was Mine” slows things down a bit but doesn’t take anything away from the collection. If anything it really brings it all together with the deep emotions of loss of love and the feeling that most of us has had at one time or another in our lives. It is a free expression of truthful heartbreak.

Vocally he challenges his counterparts with a wide range on the vocal scale and the tone of his voice. Once again we find a talented artist who’s voice has such a unique sound that it could become a signature trademark. Exceptional.

The last track on this album tells it all as far as the type of artist and performer Andy Evans really is. He is open, honest, and true to what he wants to put out there for the fans. His music is evergreen and most assuredly you’ll hear it when you grab this album for your collection. This album includes a little something for everyone. It’s a rich blend of soulful lyrics, jazzing rifts, pop and magic.

This album will be available January 2016. What a great way to start out the New Year with new music in your CD case. For more information on Andy and this amazing new collection please visit him here:




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