Michael Cullen and “True Believer”

True Believer courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
True Believer courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

At first impression I felt as if I were sitting in a movie theater watching a cult classic spin off an old west cowboy move with “Black Dog” and as the second track “Believe” came in I was taken to a pop culture video of psychedelic proportions.

This album “True Believer” is one of a kind. Unique in the concept and the diversity of the music. Michael Cullen reminds me a young Bowie on a magical rock and roll ride through possibly a more mellow Clock Work Orange.

This album was released on October 1 of this year. It will be one you’ll want in your pop alternative collection.

Track three “Nothing Special” reminds me of a slightly more rocking, Doors track. This album brings the past into the future and ignites memories of the golden youth.

Maybe it’s the way in which he records the music along with the gift of music that makes this collection so

unique and enjoyable. It’s all recorded with tape machines and analog equipment. Nothing digital here.

In the early 1980/1990’s Michael performed with several post punk groups early on in his career but his style is clearly his own and makes sense. It’s the inner Michael Cullen. Major influences on his music are clearly heard in the range of melodies in each song.

Hailing from Sydney Australia Michael performed with No Man’s Land, Watershed and The Hardheads. His smooth, inviting baritone voice welcomes you in. You will want to hear the story of each song from beginning to end, no doubt.

While working with The Hardheads Michael performed along side his brother, Jon. They released a 5 track album called “The Long Goodbye in 1993, it included what could be best described as punk, pop sensibility.

Michael Cullen courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
Michael Cullen courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

Around the mid 1990’s they changed their name to Watershed but it turned out to be a dead end. They pretty much threw away the recognition they had worked hard to earn as The Hardheads and the new style of music wasn’t widely accepted in the 90’s grunge era. The album known as “ You Buried Me” included Australian musical legend and drummer Tim Powles. He was quoted as saying “ I am still ecstatic about half of this record. It has a sound unlike any other that I have heard.” Both Michael and Tim have been working together and collaborating on music for near 20 years.

After the release of “Sour Pop” in 1997 Michael took a long needed break and regrouped with Tim Powles to manifest “Love Transmitter” that scaled the scope of indie pop to create a more romantic mixture unique to any other.

Due to Michaels unexpected health issues the album missed out on the appropriate promotions to push it. Yet, in 2011 it was named in the top twenty Australian albums of all time by an Austrailian blog called Tomatrax. It has since been remastered and re-released in 2012 to amazing reviews.

For more on Michael Cullen and his newly released “True Believer” please visit the following sites:

Official: www.michalecullen.info
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Michael-Cullen/158771380856604

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