Carrie Underwood’s Fan Club Party One of Best CMA Fest Events

Carrie Underwood provided a special event for her fan club members during CMA Fest. First, Underwood is one of a handful of artists that does not require fan club members to pay an extra fee to attend the fan club party.

The event was held on Tuesday, June 5, at the Grand Ole Opry House. I think it sets a certain tone by having the event at the Opry house. It adds an additional level of class. It is also a larger venue than other places, which allows Underwood to accommodate a large number of fans. No one had to sit in the balcony and everyone had the opportunity to have a good seat.

This was my first Underwood fan club party and I was pleasantly surprised. I had heard from fans that this was an absolute must-attend party and they were right. Underwood took the stage with a partial band and a backup singer and played for almost an hour. She did play some of her biggest hits like “Before He Cheats,” but many of the tracks were from her recently-released Blown Away CD. I hadn’t bought the CD yet, but I left the event thinking it was one that needed to be added to my music library.

Underwood’s party didn’t end with just a performance. She had a Q & A session with fans, which was very upbeat. This time allowed Underwood to joke some and allow her fans to get to know her better. I really respected Underwood a great deal for this, as it showed that she truly cared about her fans and she went the extra mile to make sure fans felt a personal connection with her.

Fans were also treated to a preview of the Blown Away music video, which looks like it could be a major contender for Video of the Year awards. It appears to be more than just a typical music video. It plays like a short film.

After the Q&A, she played a game with fans to see how much Underwood trivia they knew. She gave awards like autographed items and concert tickets as prizes for these games.

Underwood did not do a meet and greet, but everyone did receive a autographed poster and a t-shirt as they left.

I had been an Underwood fan since her days on American Idol, but I left the Opry House that had having much more respect for Underwood, and ultimately an even bigger Underwood fan. This is definitely a party that I plan to attend annually. It’s worth arriving in town a couple days early for CMA Fest.

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