Lee Brice and Jerrod Niemann Team Up For A Fantastic Fan Club Party

Jerrod Niemann performs at a Sirius/XM event.

Having a joint fan club party during the CMA Music Festival for two rising stars didn’t just combine two fan clubs in one room, it brought two good friends together on stage. Separate, both Lee Brice and Jerrod Niemann are amazing artists, but together they create a certain magic that’s fun to watch.

Brice and Niemann played songs acoustically and joked around with each other, as well as the fans. Sometimes, it’s hard for a fan to get to know who an artist is outside of their music, but Niemann and Brice are exceptions. They did not make any apologies for drinking on stage – it is just a part of their personality. It felt like the fans were getting a glimpse inside what a night might be like with these two friends just hanging out.

There’s much more to these men than drinking, though. They are very caring people and that shined through with their work for MDA. The fan club party helped raise money for “Make A Muscle, Make A Difference” campaign. A young man with muscular dystrophy introduced the two stars, and they brought him out again during the performance. Not only were Niemann and Brice photographed making a muscle for MDA, their fans were invited to do so as well. The event was streamed live on the internet.

The songs performed included “One More Drinking Song,” “She Ain’t Right,” “What Do You Want,” “Love Like Crazy,” “Lover,Lover,” and “A Woman Like You,” among others. Both stars performed song that were recorded by Garth Brooks – Brice co-wrote “More Than A Memory” with Billy Montana and Kyle Jacobs, while Niemann co-wrote “Good Ride Cowboy” with Brooks.

They revealed themselves to be very grateful for getting to where they are and they thank the fans that put their songs on the top of the country music charts. Niemann said they weren’t really sure what to expect from a fan club party since they never really had fans. Nevertheless, the fans packed Third and Lindsley.


Jerrod Niemann performs at a Sirius/XM event.

Both stars did a meet and greet with everyone that wanted a picture and an autograph. When it was over, the meet and greet lasted for ten hours. It took so long that they moved the meet and greet from Third and Lindsley to their tour buses. Fans who went through the line said they weren’t giving a regular meet and greet, either. Both singers were taking the time to talk to fans.


  1. This was my 7th Fan Fair & I go to lots of artits’s fan club parties & I have to say that Jerrod & Lee’s FC party was the BEST ever!!!! Can’t wait for next year!!!

  2. yes i had a great time we were there from 1130am till bout 830 pm we were one of the people that had to go on the bus, these 2 guys are amazing

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