Mark Wills Makes His Fan Club Party More Intimate

Mark Wills made some changes to his annual fan club party this year to make it a more intimate experience for fans. The fans approved of the changes.

The party had been held at Hard Rock Café. The breakfast was held downstairs in the restaurant and the performance and meet and greet was held upstairs in the Reverb Room. This year, Wills moved it Country Music Hall of Fame. He said he thought some of the people might have never been in the Hall of Fame.

I really like this change. The breakfast was more low-key than at previous fan club parties I had attended at the Hard Rock Café. Everyone seemed to be happy and it was a delicious breakfast. It seemed to be quicker and allow more time for music as well.

The performance was held at the Ford Theater inside the Country Music Hall of Fame. I love this venue because it provides such an intimate setting and the sound it great. Wills said he also limited the number of tickets available to make it more personal. With around 100 people in attendance, the theater was far from full, which allowed fans to sit in the first few rows. This gave fans the opportunity to have more interaction with Wills, which is something Wills and the fans both enjoyed. He said the smaller number would allow him to spend more time with fans at the meet and greet and not feel so rushed.

The performances at the Hard Rock Café had been acoustic performances, which were great. However, Wills had the band behind him. He had asked his fans what songs they wanted him to perform. Songs included “I Hate Chicago,” “Don’t Laugh At Me,” and “19 Somethin’.”

Wills said the party was announced so late this year because they were finalizing details so they could do the party at Country Music Hall of Fame. He said they will try to do the party there next year as well.

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