Chuck Wicks Has One Of The Quickest Fan Club Party Sell Outs

Many artists hosted fan club parties during the week of CMA Music Fest. All of these events were very popular, but tickets to some proved to be very hard to get. Chuck Wicks’ fan club breakfast was one of the parties that sold out quickest in the weeks leading up to the CMA Music Fest. The party was held in the upstairs area of Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville, starting at 9 a.m. on the last day of the festival.

A nice breakfast buffet was available and the venue was a great location to accomodate fans comfortably. Wicks came out and performed about 10 a.m. He performed hits including “Old School,” “Hold That Thought,” and “Stealing Cinderella.” He also played some tracks from his upcoming album. He did more than just perform an intimate fan club concert, he interacted with his fans a great deal. At one point, he even had a Jagerbomb with fans, which was extremely popular with the crowd.

Katerina Zaleski, from New Jersey said she thought the party was fabulous because Wicks did a lot of singing. Why does she like Wicks? “Because he is a great singer and he takes time to talk with his fans,” she said. When it came time for the meet and greet, Zaleski said Wicks didn’t rush her through the line, but took the time t


  1. I found it interesting…after waiting outside an hour to get in…. found some were able to buy a ticket with breakfast and of course they were first in. This was apparently not offered when I bought my ticket. (although we and others thought we were getting a breakfast.) Thus these tables of people were near the stage and the rest of us were standing way back. If all could not get breakfast…forget breakfast and we could have all got nearer to the stage.
    We were not happy overall and I had gone to previous parties Chuck had and loved them.

  2. Katerina obviously values quality. Making connections create lasting impressions and raises the level of expectation. How classical to have brunch with his fans. Chuck Wicks is a unique entertainer; he caters to his fans.

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