Country Music Rising Star Glen Templeton Living A Dream

Born and raised in Tuscaloosa Alabama, Glen Templeton is no stranger to the roots and history of country music. He’s an Alabama boy who took his dream of a music career to Nashville and the rest is history.

He comes from a family of super charged talented musicians and even though performing at first was just a hobby, it soon became so much more…it became his dream and his life. He began playing guitar at the age of 14 and said that to him “country music is his love”…it is a true expression of his feelings for life, home, family, and tradition.

As a hobby Glen played the guitar just to amuse himself but soon realized that he wanted to be part of the family tradition and he took playing seriously. He realized that the more he played the more it meant to him. He expanded his talent with open mic nights and kareoke while playing small gigs and fueling his passion.

Inspired by his Dad and the memories that he had from his childhood and seeing and hearing how much people loved to hear his Dad sing, Glen is now keeping that memory alive with a beautiful tribute and honor to his Dad with his album “California” which is his first independent album. The album was dedicated to his father who passed away in 2007.

In 2008 Templeton was selected, by the daughters of country music legend Conway Twitty, to portray their father in a touring musical tribute to the late great singer. He has performed with George Jones and is today making his own mark on the industry.

Social media has played a huge part in getting Templetons music to the public. Along with his wife Amy the two came up with an out of sight idea on how to promote and share his music with the masses. Social media helps Glen stay in touch with his fans on a more personal level and has proven that it works, by the over 150,00 followers his has on FaceBook alone.

His appearances on CMT, The Grand Ole Opry and at the Ryman have impressed upon fans the fact that he’s here to stay and he’s got country music in his soul.

Glen is currently collaborating with other writers on new music, he’s currently touring the US and when he’s not touring enjoys working on his hot rods and spending time with his family.

I’m not sure I chose country music, in a way it kind of chose me, I probably had ten or eleven jobs from the time I got out of high school until the time I finally moved to Nashville and I think I was probably fired ten or eleven times too! The thing is, the more jobs you lose, the less and less professional that next job becomes. That’s why I say I think country music kind of chose me. It just kept pulling on me, no matter what the cost was at the time.” ~ Glen Templeton ~
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